Radhanagar Beach Andaman And Nicobar Islands India


Minicoy, Thundi Beach and Kadmat Beach – both in Lakshadweep – are the proud entrants in the coveted list of Blue Beaches, an eco-label given to the cleanest beaches in the world.

Why is Radhanagar Beach famous?

Radhanagar Beach is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia. It attracts huge tourism due to its awe striking beauty and is also titled as the 7th most beautiful beach in the world. Radhanagar beach is a treat to watch during sunrise and sunset.

Which island is Radhanagar Beach?

Havelock Island
Tucked in Havelock Island, Radhanagar Beach is regarded as the best beach in India. It is a pristine stretch of sand backed by turquoise water and lush forest.

Where is the Radhanagar Beach?

Havelock Island
Radhanagar Beach, also called Beach Number 7, is located on the south-west part of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, in the Havelock Island.

Can we swim in Radhanagar Beach?

Radhanagar Beach is regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in India. You can swim and snorkel on this beach, which is covered with scenic, forest-fringed stretches of sand.

Which part of Andaman is best?

Top Attractions in Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Radhanagar Beach. 4,371. Beaches.
Cellular Jail. 3,454. Historic Sites Points of Interest & Landmarks.
Ross Island. 1,817. Islands.
Elephant Beach. 1,741. Beaches.
Kalapathar Beach. 1,406. Beaches.
Chidiya Tapu. 836. Nature & Wildlife Areas.
Makruzz. 1,830. Ferries.
Howrah Bridge. 443. Bridges.

Why Andaman is best for honeymoon?

The white sand beaches here are perfect to enjoy evening strolls with your partner. The waters are calm and clean and one can enjoy swimming and diving. Enjoy candlelight dinners at the beach and plan romantic dates for the perfect honeymoon in Andaman at Neil Island.

Which island is not allowed in Andaman?

North Sentinel Island
North Sentinel Island, India

The North Sentinel Island in the Andamans, home to the Sentinelese tribe, is one of the world’s forbidden islands. People in the island are still untouched by the modern world, and know nothing about the outside world or advanced technology.

Why is Havelock Island famous?

Swaraj or Havelock Island is famous for its entrancing white sandy beaches among the most beautiful beaches in Andaman. It is also famous for its marvelous reef and rapturous swimming elephants.

Is Elephant Beach and Radhanagar Beach same?

Ghaziabad, India

This charge also includes a 15 minutes snorkelling session which you must not miss. Elephanta beach is a small beach , one fourth or one fifth of Radhanagar beach , however it has corals which Radhanagar does not have. Plus ,you can enjoy some water sports here.


How many days are enough to explore Andaman? The serene beauty of Andaman may make travelers extend their trip. However, a trip of 4-5 days would cover major attraction points and activities.


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