RRR is not a blockbuster or a super hit at the box office. The film released amidst great hype and fan fare managed to achieve a positive talk. The film even managed to break records in the first weekend. It even did extremely well till the second weekend but the film started to struggle at the box-office after that.

Is Radhe Shyam hit or flop?

Directed by Radha Krishna Kumar, the film reportedly suffered losses of over Rs 100 crore. Despite being a high-budget film, Radhe Shyam earned only Rs 48 crore on its opening day.

Is Radhe Shyam a real story?

The character of Vikramaditya in Radhe Shyam was inspired by the European palmist Cheiro. We also developed the story by incorporating two or three real-life incidents. Tell us the story behind casting veteran actor Krishnam Raju.

Why did Radhe Shyam fail?

The star hero opinioned that lack of strong presentation and gripping screenplay are the main reasons behind the failure of Radhe Shyam. The movie was directed by Radha Krishna Kumar. Currently, Prabhas has multiple pan-India projects such as Adipurush, Salaar, Project K and Spirit in the pipeline.

On what story is Radhe Shyam based?

Radha Krishna Kumar revealed that the protagonist Vikramadityas character is inspired by real life European palmist Cheiro. Several titles including Jaan and O Dear were considered for the film but the makers finalized Radhe Shyam as the films title.

Is Pushpa hit or flop?

Pushpa Hit Or Flop (Worldwide)
Movie Pushpa: The Rise- Part 1
India Collection 283.50 Crore INR
Overseas Collection 35.05 Crore INR
Worldwide Collection 369.50 Crore INR
Pushpa Movie Verdict Blockbuster
6 more rows

Is Radhe Shyam a copy?

However, the plot of this Prabhas-starrer is really similar to one wonderful old film that has gone on to become a superhit and a masterpiece. Here is a fascinating tidbit as the movie is copied from Mahesh Babus old movie and the narration is similar.

Why is it called Radhe Radhe?

Radhe Radhe, also spelled Radhey Radhey, is a Hindi expression used as a greeting and salutation in the Braj region of India. The greeting is associated with the Hindu goddess Radha, who is the consort of Krishna.

Is Radhe Krishna?

Radha, as a supreme goddess, is considered as the female counterpart and the internal potency (hladini shakti) of Krishna, who resides in Goloka, the celestial abode of Radha Krishna. Radha is said to accompany Krishna in all his incarnations.
Devanagari °¾§¾
Sanskrit transliteration Rdh
18 more rows

Is Titanic in Radhe Shyam?

Radhe Shyam isnt inspired by Titanic, its a different story: Pooja Hegde. Speaking about the comparisons between her film Radhe Shyam and Titanic, actress Pooja Hegde said that its a big compliment to achieve that scale and be like it. She added, “But, Radhe Shyam is not inspired by Titanic.


Acharya was released theatrically on 29 April 2022 and opened to generally highly negative reviews from critics who criticized the weak narrative, predictability, Sivas direction, use of VFX/CGI, story and outdated screenplay. It was a commercial failure, grossing‚¹76 crore over a budget of‚¹100ˆ’140 crore.


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