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To get the best of the weather, the best time to visit Mantralayam is between October to March.
Best Time To Visit Mantralayam > Weather, Temperature & Season
The best time to visit Mantralayam is between the months of October and February.
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How can I contact Mantralayam?

Contact Address : Mantralaya, Shri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, Mantralayam, AP. PH : 08512-279429 / 59.

Where is Raghavendra Samadhi?

Raghavendra Swami took Samadhi in 1671 in Mantralayam, a village on the bank of river Tungabhadra in Adoni taluk in Andhra Pradesh.

How to book tickets for Mantralayam Temple?

Mantralayam Temple Room Booking Online:

Visit the official website of Sri Raghavendra Swamy temple. On the home page, you can find the menubar. Select the Online Services option from the menu. Then select Advance Room Booking.

What should I wear in Mantralaya?

It is a must to wear dhoti for gents and Indian attire like sari, salwar kameez for ladies to enter the sanctum if you want to go near to the Brindavan or do aarthi on your own. A few priests don’t let ladies wearing salwar kameez go near the Brindavan, so it would be ideal to wear a saree.

Is jeans allowed in Mantralayam?

As per the Mantralayam temple dress code, men should wear dhoti and no shirt (only Angavastram). Women devotees should wear a sari or salwar kameez. Devotees will not be allowed to enter the Mantralayam temple wearing informal attire like jeans, shorts or T-shirts.

How to do Raghavendra Swamy Seva at home?

People who can’t visit mantralayam or who cant do seva in Mutt, can also do sankalpa at home and do the pradakshine namaskara with madi and bakthi to rayaru photo at home itself. Men should wear Dhothi(white color) vasthra. women should wear saree. Don’t use bed or pillows for all the seva days.

Should we remove shirt in Mantralayam?

Situated next to the samadhi Temple is the Manchalamma Devi Temple, who is the Stala Devi. Gents are supposed to remove their shirts while entering the temple, and women are expected to wear decent clothing. Buses from Mantralaya road (nearest railway station) are very few.

What language did Raghavendra Swamy speak?

Guru Raghavendra Swamy spoke Tamil as his parents during his birth lived at Bhuvanagiri, near present-day Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu. He spoke Kannada as it was the language of his parents and also it was one of the language he used for communicating with his followers.

Can we book tickets in general?

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