Ramoji Rao Family Tree


Ramoji Film City
Ramoji Film City is an integrated film studio facility located in Hyderabad, India. Spread over 1,666 acres (674 ha), it is the largest film studio complex in the world and as such has been certified by the Guinness World Records. It was established by Telugu media tycoon Ramoji Rao in 1996.

Who is Ramoji Rao family?

Cherukuri Suman

Kiran Prabhakr

Rama Devi

Venkata Subba Rao

Venkata Subbamma
Ramoji Rao/Family

Who are the Ramoji Rao elder son?

His two sons Suman Prabhakar and Kiran Prabhakar took up the work of his range of businesses. No matter how many hurdles hit his way, he stood brave-hearted and became the powerful Business Tycoon, journalist, film producer, media entrepreneur and a great human being serving thousands of people.

Who is present owner of Ramoji Film City?

Cherukuri Ramoji Rao
Cherukuri Ramoji Rao (born 16 November 1936) is an Indian businessman, media entrepreneur, and film producer. He is head of the Ramoji Group which owns the world’s largest film production facility Ramoji Film City, Eenadu newspaper, ETV Network of TV channels, film production company Usha Kiran Movies.

Who is the wife of Ramoji Rao?

Rama Devi
Ramoji Rao / Wife (m. 1961)

How much is Ramoji Rao worth?

Venkateswara Reddy and S. Subramanyam Reddy of Aparna Constructions & Estates with ‚¹2,500 crore each, Ramoji Rao of Ushodaya Enterprises with ‚¹2,500 crore, Preetam B.

Who is sohana Cherukuri?

Sohana Cherukuri – Director – Ramoji Film City | LinkedIn.

Who is brihathi Ramoji Rao?

Hyderabad: Ramoj Group Chairman Ramoji Rao’s granddaughter Brihathi got married to Venkat Akshay, son of Dandamudi Amar Mohandas and Anitha at 1 am on Sunday in Ramoji Film City. Brihathi is the younger daughter of Kiron Cherukuri and Sailaja.

What is the cost of shooting in Ramoji Film City?

Pre-Wedding Shoot Plans & Prices
S.No No.of Venues Price
5 Any 10 venues (except Baahubali set) FOR STILL SHOOT: Rs. 1,20,000/- + GST For VIDEO & STILL SHOOT : Rs. 1,60,000/- +GST
6 Shoot at Baahubali Set FOR STILL SHOOT: Rs. 40,000/- + GST For VIDEO & STILL SHOOT : Rs. 60,000/- +GST
4 more rows

What is the income of Ramoji Film City?

Ramoji Film City revenue is $1.1B annually. After extensive research and analysis, Zippia’s data science team found the following key financial metrics. Ramoji Film City has 30,000 employees, and the revenue per employee ratio is $36,666. Ramoji Film City peak revenue was $1.1B in 2021.


Bahubali: The beginning

These spots have now become famous tourist spots for the fans of Bahubali. The huge war scenes were shot at Ramoji Film city, Hyderabad.


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