Ranthambore Fort Timings


The seating height of a Jeep is lower than a canter. Hence it is a better vehicle to take photographs of wildlife, and it offers a better angle too. Jeep is easier to maneuver compared to a canter during a safari.

How much time to visit Ranthambore Fort?

around two to three hours
Visiting Hours

Ranthambore Fort is opened for the public from am to pm and it takes around two to three hours to visit the fort.

Is Ranthambore Fort Worth visiting?

The Ranthambore fort is situated on a hilltop, entry is from the Zone 1-5 tiger safari gate. Amazing fort well worth the visit with extensive views and incredible architecture.

Can we go to Ranthambore fort by own car?

Yes you can, If you wish to visit Ranthambore fort, then you can go with your own car.

What is the best time for tiger sighting in Ranthambore?

Both the winter (October – March) and summer (May-June) seasons are ideal for tiger sighting in Ranthambore. In winter months, tigers can be spotted basking under the sun, while in the summer months, they can be sighted frequently visiting the water holes.

How many steps Ranthambore Fort?

250 steps
The temple is located in the Ranthambore Fort. To reach the Fort,you have to climb 250 steps. The path to the fort is surrounded by monkeys.

Which day Ranthambore is closed?

Opening and Closing Time of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve

Ranthambore National Park and Tiger Reserve opens from 1st October and closes on 30th June.

Are 2 days enough for Ranthambore?

If you want to enjoy Ranthambhore then two nights stay is recommended. In two nights stay, you will get three or four safari to the park This make strong chances for good Tiger sightings.

Is Zone 7 good in Ranthambore?

Zone 07 : It is considered as the territory of T-8 and T-34 as they are spotted in this zone few times. However, this zone has fewer places than other zones where one can spot a tiger, but other animals also are spotted easily in this zone.

Are there tigers in Ranthambore Fort?

There are now 80 Bengal tigers living in Ranthambore National Park, across an area of 1,334 square kilometres.


Under unavoidable circumstances, the entry/ excursions can be prohibited for the allotted zone. The Field Director/Conservator of Forests can prohibit the use of mobile phones by visitors inside any national park /sanctuary.


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