Riverfront Timing


Watrak, Wakal, Hathmati, Harnav, and Sei rivers are the major tributaries. Sabarmati river has a capacity of 10,900 cu feet per capita.

How long is riverfront Ahmedabad?

11.5km Together these provide Ahmedabad with an uninterrupted, pedestrian walkway, nearly 11.5km in length, in the heart of the city.

What is Sabarmati Riverfront popular for?

Paradise for Birds

Sabarmati Riverfront, a Popular Hangout Destination for Amdavadis is also a Favoured Destination for Several Species of Birds. Riverfront Witnesses more than 120 Species of Native and Migratory Birds.

How deep is Riverfront?

An optimal width of 263 meters for the water way has been selected and implemented. Both banks of the river have diaphragm walls built into the riverbed at a depth of more than 10m, and retaining walls which protect low-lying areas from periodic flooding and prevent erosion of the river banks.

Who designed Riverfront?

Sabarmati Riverfront
Architect Bimal Patel-led HCP Design, Planning and Management Pvt. Ltd
Developer Sabarmati River Front Development Corporation Limited
Technical details
Cost ‚¹1,400 crore (US$180 million) (November 2019)
11 more rows

How can I spend my day with my girlfriend in Ahmedabad?

Gandhi Ashram. 2,957. Historic Sites. .
Sabarmati Riverfront. 2,214. Piers & Boardwalks. .
Adalaj Step-well. 1,848. Architectural Buildings. .
Kankaria Lake. 2,026. Bodies of Water. .
ISKCON Temple. 491. Religious Sites. .
Vastrapur Lake. 254. Bodies of Water. .
Prahlad Nagar Garden. Gardens. By HemN15. .
The Iravati Luxury Spa. Spas. By Prasad5757.

Which river front is best in Ahmedabad?

the Sabarmati River
Sabarmati Riverfront, Ahmedabad: History

Located on the eastern banks of the Sabarmati River, the city of Ahmedabad had always depended on the water body as a major source of its recreational, cultural, and economic activities.

What is the best time to visit Sabarmati Ashram?

Sabarmati Ashram, Ahmedabad
Location Ashram Road, Ahmedabad (Map)
Entry Fee & Timings No Entry Fees. The Ashram is open daily all the year-round, including the public holidays.
Place Type Vintage Gallery, Memorial Museum, Museum
Place visit with Family
Best time to visit October, November, December, January, February, March

How many riverfront are there?

25 Picturesque Riverfronts in India 2022.

Are there crocodiles in Sabarmati River?

In most places, the sight of even a single crocodile would be enough to send locals scurrying in fear. But not in Charotar – a 4,


Riverfront Regional Park features 3.12 miles of trails for hiking, biking, and horseback riding. The primary trail – the 2.18-mile Lake Trail – leads from the parking lot past Lake Wilson and loops around Lake Benoist.


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