Rumtek Monastery


Mahabodhi Temple
The Buddha

Ashoka’s Mahabodhi Temple and Diamond throne in Bodh Gaya, built c. 250 BCE.

What is special about Rumtek monastery?

The monastery is currently the largest in Sikkim. It is home to the community of monks and where they perform the rituals and practices of the Karma Kagyu lineage. A golden stupa contains the relics of the 16th Karmapa. Opposite that building is a college, Karma Shri Nalanda Institute for Higher Buddhist Studies.

Can I stay in Rumtek monastery?

The beautiful shrine temple and Golden Stupa are prime attractions of this Rumtek Monastery. Can you stay in a Buddhist monastery in India? Yes, the Buddhist monasteries provide you with all the facilities to stay.

How do I get to Rumtek monastery?

The most convenient way of reaching Rumtek Monastery is to take a private vehicle from Gangtok. However, you can also go for the more economical option of taking a shared vehicle. A shared taxi can be hired from the Gangtok Taxi Jeep Sevice Stand which is located near the Hotel Hungry Jack on NH31A.

Where is the famous Rumtek monastery situated?

Rumtek Monastery Sikkim

One of the most significant and largest monasteries in Sikkim, Rumtek is perched on a hill overlooking Gangtok. The monastery was founded by Wangchuk Dorje, 9th Karmapa Lama in the 16th century.

Can we stay in monastery in Sikkim?

The Sikkim monastery homestay trek is intended for travellers who wish to visit Sikkim and experience local culture and tradition while staying in simple homestay accommodation and eating as locals do.

Which is the oldest monastery in India?

Tabo is noted for being the oldest continuously operating Buddhist enclave in both India and the Himalayas.
Tabo Monastery
Leadership Geshe Sonam Wangdui
Location Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India
Country India
10 more rows

Can females stay in monastery?

1. Many monasteries accept women. It’s a common belief that only men can stay in monasteries, especially those run by monks. That is not the case and even if it’s not a women’s monastery, you might be able to stay.

Is it free to live in a Buddhist monastery?

They believe in simple living high thinking, so your time onwards in the monastery must be spent in the most simplistic way. You will need to enroll in a volunteering program and have to pay a minimal fee for the meals and excursions.

Can we wear dress in monastery?

There is no dress code. Be dressed normally as per Indian customs. Skimpy dresses for women and outrageous dresses for men may not be accepted.


With rich natural diversity, the exotic flora and fauna in thick forest, majestic snow mountains, waterfalls, scenic tea gardens, peaceful villages, ethnic culture, old monasteries and fresh atmosphere Ravangla is a place worth visiting. Ravangla is one of the most famous tourist destinations in South Sikkim.


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