Saint Inez


Gemma Galgani
Saint Gemma Galgani
Beatified 14 May 1933 by Pope Pius XI
Canonized 2 May 1940, Saint Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City by Pope Pius XII
Major shrine Passionist Monastery in Lucca, Italy
Feast 11 April (celebrated by Passionists on 16 May)
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What was saint Inez known for?

She became known for her profound spiritual and theological insight as well as for her severe austerities she practiced during her life. O.A.D. 18th-century image. Her beatification was celebrated in 1888 in Saint Peter’s Basilica.

Is there a saint named Inez?

Saint Agnes (Santa InÃs) was a beautiful young Roman girl who had accepted Christianity early in life. When the son of a Roman governor sought her as his wife, she refused, stating that she was already betrothed – as she had dedicated her life and heart to Jesus.

Where is saint Inez?

Mission Santa InÃs (sometimes spelled Santa Ynez) was a Spanish mission in the present-day city of Solvang, California, and named after St. Agnes of Rome.

Who is the female patron saint of humility?

Gemma understood this and her sanctity is demonstrated not by the extraordinary gifts and graces that God generously bestowed on her, but by her heroic practice of virtues- and above all, the virtue of humility.

Who is the Catholic saint of beauty?

St. Rose of Lima
Rose of Lima. Born in present-day city of Lima in Peru, of Spanish parents, this future saint was named Isabel at birth, but because of her beauty and naturally rosy cheeks, was nicknamed Rose. She led a very holy early childhood, undertaking on her own initiative, many penances.

What is special about Santa Ines?

Founded in 1804, Mission Santa InÃs was the 19th Spanish mission established in Alta California and today is one of the best preserved Spanish mission complexes in the United States.

What does Inez mean in the Bible?

Spanish, Portuguese, French. Origin. Meaning. holy, pure, virginal

Is Inez an Irish name?

Inez is a girl’s given name of Portuguese origin. It is derived from the Latin name, Agnes, meaning pure or chaste, and is commonly used throughout Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries.

How do you pronounce Inez?

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Saint Lucy
Legend has it that Saint Lucy either plucked out her own eyes to avoid marriage to a pagan, or had her eyes put out by the Emperor Diocletian as part of her martyrdom.


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