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Its the second biggest library in Asia – The Anna Centenary Library
Tamil Nadu.
Chennai District.
Chennai (Madras)
Chennai (Madras) – Places to Visit.
The Anna Centenary Library.

How many books are there in Saraswathi Mahal Library?

The collection comprises well over 60,000 volumes. The library supports efforts to publish rare manuscripts from the collection, as well as ensuring all volumes are preserved on microfilm.

Who was created the Saraswati Mahal library?

History. The Saraswathi Mahal library was started by Nayak Kings of Tanjavur as a Royal Library for the private intellectual enrichment of Kings and their family of Thanjavur (see Nayaks of Tanjore) who ruled from 1535 CE till 1676 CE.

Which is the first oldest library in Tamil Nadu?

Connemara Public Library
Country India
Type Public library
Established 5 December 1896
Location Egmore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
5 more rows

Which Indian library has largest holdings of manuscripts?

Solution(By Examveda Team) Khuda Baksh Oriental Library is an autonomous organization under Ministry of culture, Govrnment of India. Governor of Bihar is its ex-officio Chairman. It houses the rare collection of around 4000 Persian and Arabic manuscripts.

Which is the No 1 library in India?

NATIONAL LIBRARY The National Library of India
The National Library of India on the Belvedere Estate in Alipore, is the largest library in India by volume and India’s library of public record. The library with a collection of around 2.2 million books is designated to collect, disseminate and preserve the printed material produced in India.

Which library is biggest in Pakistan?

National Library of Pakistan

NLP is one of the largest and famous libraries in Pakistan, which is in the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad. The library is administered by the archives of the ministry of education.

What is the world’s oldest library?

Al-Qarawiyyin library
Both works, as well as 4,000 other rare books, can be found at the world’s oldest continually operating library. Al-Qarawiyyin library in Fez, Morocco opened in 1359 C.E., at the University of Al-Qarawiyyin (also the world’s oldest, built in 859 C.E.).

Which is the biggest library in Asia?

It is the largest university library in Asia. The seven-storey building is surrounded by 4.75 acres (1.92 ha) of lawns and gardens. It has about 1,500,000 books.
Maulana Azad Library
Location Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh
Branches 110
Size 1.8 million volumes
11 more rows

Which is the oldest library in Asia?

The Tianyi Ge library lies in proximity to Moon Lake and was built over 450 years ago, thereby making it the oldest existing library in Asia, and one of the three oldest private libraries in the world.


Ranganathan, in full Shiyali Ramamrita Ranganathan, (born August 9, 1892, Shiyali, Madras, Indiadied September 27, 1972, Bangalore, Mysore), Indian librarian and educator who was considered the father of library science in India and whose contributions had worldwide influence.


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