Savehaklu Dam


Top 5 Biggest Dam Failures in the World
St. Francis Dam after the failure.
Malpasset Dam before the failure.
Destruction due to failure of Malpasset Dam.
Vajont Dam before the failure.
Failure of Vajont dam.
Lower San Fernando Dam before the failure.
Teton Dam before the failure.
Failure of Teton Dam.

How do I get permission for Savehaklu dam?

You can get permission to enter the dam premises with a slight detour to the Masthikatte electricity office, Masthikatte town.

Where is Savehaklu reservoir located?

Savehaklu Reservoir is Situated 6Km away from Chakra dam ,Chakra Dam is around 55Kms from Kodachadri. This reservoir can be spotted while travelling towards .

Which is the largest dam in Kashmir?

The Mangla Dam is a multipurpose dam situated on the Jhelum River in the Mirpur District of Azad Kashmir. It is the sixth-largest dam in the world.
Mangla Dam
Impounds Jhelum River
Height 147 m (482 ft)
Length 3,140 m (10,302 ft)
17 more rows

What is the cleanest dam in South Africa?

Cleanest dam in Africa – Sterkfontein Dam Nature Reserve.

What is the largest reservoir in HK?

The High Island Reservoir
The High Island Reservoir, located in the Sai Kung Country Park, is the largest reservoir in Hong Kong.

What is the largest reservoir in Kyrgyzstan?

Toktogul Reservoir
Toktogul Reservoir was formed in 1976 by a Soviet-built dam across the Naryn River. The reservoir is long and narrow and is the largest in Central Asia (284 square kilometers, averaging 215 meters in depth).

Where is Lakya dam?

The Lakya Dam is a check dam built across the river Lakya, a tributary of the Bhadra river. The dam was constructed by Kudremukh Iron Ore Company. The dam is situated in a protected forest area inside the Kudremukh National Park in the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka.

Who is the No 1 dam in India?

Bhakra Nangal Dam

It is the largest dam in India having a height of 225 metres and also in the second position in the largest dams in all over Asia. It is situated on the river Sutlej.

Which is Asia’s largest dam?

The largest Earth Dam of Asia – Hirakud Dam.


Kariba dam is the biggest dam in the world by reservoir capacity, Image courtesy of Sokwanele Zimbabwe. Bratsk Dam in Siberia has a water storage capacity of 169.27 billion cubic metres, Image courtesy of Michael Fludkov. Akosombo dam, which creates the Lake Volta, has 144 billion cubic metres of storage capacity.


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