Sea Walk


How many days are enough to explore Andaman? The serene beauty of Andaman may make travelers extend their trip. However, a trip of 4-5 days would cover major attraction points and activities.

What is the sea walk?

Sea Walking is an activity that lets you walk at the bottom of the sea and see marine life closely.

How is sea walking done?

Here, you will walk on the sea floor at a maximum depth of seven meters during high tide and in calm water. Your head and shoulders are encased in a helmet, quite similar to that of a pearl divers helmet, with a breathing devise ” an air hose. The hose provides oxygen to the wearer of the helmet.

How much does sea walk cost in Andaman?

Cost of Sea Walk. The average cost of doing sea walk is around 4500/- per person, while Elephant Beach is the best place to experience it, the costs can be a little bit high due to demand.

What is the difference between Scuba Diving and sea walking?

Scuba diving is a way to explore the sea while using a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (SCUBA) to support your breathing. It requires training and certification. Sea walking is a way to explore the sea using a special helmet to support your breathing.

How deep is sea walking?

2.1 Helmet Diving/Undersea walk means a recreational activity wherein: -a person walks on the sea floor at a maximum depth of 7 meter on high tide with the assistance of an overhead helmet and a hose connected to a free flow supply of fresh compressed air provided from the air compressor or cylinder found on a pleasure .

Why is walking by the sea good for you?

Your muscles and tendons will work harder, strengthening your foot and ankle. Beach walks will burn more calories than walks on the sidewalk. Walking on the beach is ideal for those with pain in their knees, back, and hips, as sand puts less stress on the body, making it easier on the bones and joints ( 1 ).

Is it good to walk in sea water?

sea hike offers multiple advantages and is suitable for sports people of all standards: It improves endurance, cardiorespiratory health and power without causing stress to the bodys joints. Like all aquatic disciplines, it is beneficial for stimulating blood circulation.

What muscles are used in water walking?

Walking in water can target your arms, core, and lower body. You can increase the intensity by using hand or ankle weights. Start off walking in shallow water, around waist height.

Is walking in sea water good for your feet?

If you walk briskly on the beach, youll get the added benefit of the sand massaging the soles of your feet, which activates venous and lymphatic circulation. And if youre right at the waters edge, as the waves break, the sea water will massages your ankles, making the exercise even more complete.


If you are a first timer, we recommend you spend at least 5 days on the island. Give another 2 days for travel and that makes it a week of vacation. This is good for a regular and a honeymoon package.


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