Shimoga To Jog Falls


Jog falls is fine if u take a guide to take you to some view points where the fall is comparatively good view. Water will b very less only thats for sure.

What is the best time to visit Jog Falls?

Overview Guide: Best Time To Visit: The Best Time to experience Jog Falls is between August December.

Is one day enough for Jog Falls?

It takes around 1 -2 days to completely explore the wonderful Jog falls. The water gushes out of the mountain and flows in four notable districts namely, Rover, Raja, Rocket, and Rani. The Raja falls simply drop down from a column which is of a depth of 830 feet high.

Is it good time to visit Jog Falls now?

The months of June till September witness heavy rainfall in the region. The monsoon season is the best season to visit Jog falls, as the beauty of the place is enhanced during monsoons. The summer season begins in the month of March and continues till May.

Is Shimoga worth visiting?

Shimoga is surrounded by lush green landscapes, coconut palm trees, and several waterfalls, making it a great tourist destination. Shimoga has a rich religious history as well as beautiful art, culture, and customs.

Can we take bath in Jog Falls?

Jog Waterfalls

You can get the best views of Sahyadri Mountain Ranges from this place. Its water source is from the Sharavati River. During the rainy season July to November, this waterfall looks mind-blowing. Swimming and bathing are prohibited during the monsoon season.

How many steps are in Jog Falls?

1500 steps
Jog Falls is situated amid thick evergreen forests and water flows in four different falls, like Raja, Roarer, Rocket and Rani. 1500 steps have been built by the tourism department in order to make visitors reach the bottom of the hill.

What if I jog 30 minutes a day?

Keeping your run to 30 minutes reduces the risk of muscle fatigue or overstretching which in turn reduces the likelihood of injury. Recovery time is also significantly lower than the time required for longer distance runs which allows you to train more frequently and consistently.

Why is jog fall famous?

Jog Falls are unique as the water does not stream down the rocks in a tiered fashion; it thunders down the slope losing contact with the rocks, making it the tallest un-tiered waterfall in India. The beauty of the waterfalls is enhanced by the lush green surroundings, which provide a scenic backdrop.

How to reach Jog Falls by train?

How to reach Jog Falls by train. The nearest station Shimoga is well connected to Bangalore and Mangalore via regular trains. You can travel via Bangalore and take up a train up to Shimoga or Taluguppa to reach Jog Falls.


winter season
The best season to visit Shimoga is the winter season. The best months to visit are October to March. The Month of December marks the start of winter season in Shimoga. Temperature ranges between a comfortable 25°C to 37°C.


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