Shirdi From Mumbai


The Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust (Shirdi) has revised its donation amount from Rs 100 to Rs 200 to obtain passes for the VIP darshan and perform the “aarti”, held four times a day at the temple.

How can I go to Shirdi from Mumbai?

The cheapest way to reach from Mumbai to Shirdi is bus to Shirdi and takes 6h 25m. The fastest way to reach from Mumbai to Shirdi is flight to Shirdi Airport and takes 45m. The recommended way to reach from Mumbai to Shirdi is flight to Shirdi Airport and takes 45m. Flights from AirIndia etc.

Is train available for Shirdi?

Trains reaching to Shirdi
Train name and number Ending station
22456 – KLK SNSI SF EXP 0 PM SNSI Shirdi
22894 – HWH SNSI SF EXP 0 PM SNSI Shirdi
22147 – DR SNSI SF EXP 0 AM SNSI Shirdi
12131 – DR SAINAGAR EXP 0 AM SNSI Shirdi
1 more row

Which route is best for Shirdi?

The route 1 to reach Shirdi from Mumbai is travelling from Mumbai to Shirdi via Ghoti-Shirdi Road and NH 160. This is the fastest and smoothest of the available routes.

Is Shirdi near to Mumbai?

Shirdi is a popular pilgrimage town with a vast temple complex dedicated to one of India’s most revered saints, Sai Baba. It’s located about 250 kilometers (143 miles) northeast of Mumbai, and 90 kilometers (56 miles) southeast of Nashik, in Maharashtra.

What is cost for Mumbai to Shirdi by helicopter?

A one-way ride from Mumbai to Shirdi costs Rs 21,900 per person, excluding GST. On the other hand, the Mumbai-Pune one-side fare starts from Rs 19,900 and one-way fare on the Pune-Shirdi route is around Rs 18,900, both excluding GST.

How many days are enough for Shirdi?

How many days are good enough to visit Shirdi? 1 or 2 days are good enough to explore Sai Baba temple and other attractions in and near Shirdi. However, you can extend your stay and plan to visit Shignapur on your spiritual tour.

Which month is best for Shirdi?

Weather-wise, December to March is the best time to visit Shirdi.

Can I visit Shirdi without online booking?

Tourists can visit Shri Sai Baba Sansthan Trust Online Services online website to make their bookings. The entry for the temple for them is through Gate 1, which is the VIP gate. Tourists could also get a Darshan ticket at a VIP gate on all days except on Thursdays as there is a high demand it being an auspicious day.

What is the cost of Shirdi darshan?

Shirdi Darshan Tickets Price 2023

The ticket price for the darshan of Sai Baba is Rs 200, but there are many devotees who want to have a darshan of Baba by attending the aarti, then for those devotees, the ticket price for the morning aarti is Rs 600. Morning Aarti is also known as Kakra Aarti.


Things to Do in Shirdi
Visit the Main Sai Baba Temple Complex.
Visit Dwarkamai and Chwadi: Located right behind the Samadhi Mandir, are two places of spiritual importance related to Sai Baba’s life.
Make a day trip to Shingnapur.
Approximate budget: Rs.
Traveller Type: Family.
How to reach Shirdi:


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