The largest freshwater lake in India is Wular Lake (also coined as Wullar). It is also one of the largest freshwater lakes in Asia. Wular Lake is located in Bandipora district of Jammu and Kashmir, India.

What is the world’s tastiest water?

Siruvani water is known to be one of the sweetest water in the world, with many saying that it is the world’s 2nd tastiest drinking water. The sweetness of Siruvani water has been attributed to the vegetation and rocks through which the water flows in the Attapady area.
Siruvani Waterfalls.
Sirvani Waterfalls
Watercourse Siruvani River
5 more rows

Which is the 2nd tastiest water in the world?

Siruvani water is that the world’s second tastiest water and Coimbatore owns it. Water from Siruvani River is noted for its taste and mineral properties, and the view from the falls and therefore the dam could be a nice tourist attraction.

Where does Siruvani originate from?

The water from Muthikulam falls, Pattiar, Paambar streams together become the Siruvani River.

Who controls Siruvani Dam?

The location being in the State of Kerala, the project was executed by the Kerala Public Works Department utilising the funds made available by the Tamil Nadu Government and the work was completed during 1984. The dam is 225m long with a maximum height of 57m.

What is the purest water on earth?

While there are a few places that boast extremely clean water, such as Canada, Iceland, Antarctica, or even Upstate New York, the team of scientists determined that the cleanest water in the world was in the Patagonia region of Chile, Puerto Williams.

What is #1 drinking water?

Tap water is the most convenient and cost-effective type of water to drink, however, it may contain harmful chemicals and pollutants. Mineral and pure spring water are some of the healthiest water you can drink because they’re clean and contain all the essential minerals your body needs.

Which country drinking water is best?

Switzerland. If you’ve ever been to Switzerland, it probably won’t surprise you that the alpine nation is home to some of the world’s cleanest tap water. .
Canada. .
United Kingdom. .
New Zealand. .
Singapore. .
Germany. .
Scandinavia and Finland. .
Castle Water Partnership with Save the children.

Where is the freshest water on Earth?

The Antarctic ice sheet holds about 90 percent of the fresh water that exists on the Earth’s surface. The ice sheet covers approximately 8.7 million square miles. The Greenland ice sheet also contains large volumes of fresh water.

What country has the freshest drinking water?

The following countries are said to have the cleanest drinking water in the world:
DENMARK. Denmark has better tap water than bottled water. .
ICELAND. Iceland has stringent quality control, ensuring that they have a consistently high quality of water. .


Also known as the Umngot River, Dawki flows in Meghalaya. In 2021, the river made it to the list of the world’s cleanest rivers.


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