Sri Bhramaramba Mallikarjuna Temple


For any special darshan/puja/events, generally pant and shirt is not allowed. For eg ; abhishekam of Srisailam linga : you have to wear dhoti/lungi and no shirt (only an upper cloth which is not stitched ) for gents and strictly saree for ladies. Generally you can buy these clothes from the nearby shops.

Why is Mallikarjuna temple famous?

It is significant to the Hindu sects of both Shaivism and Shaktism as this temple is referred to as one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Shiva and as one of the eighteen Shakti Peethas, centres of the Hindu Goddess. Shiva is worshiped as Mallikarjuna, and is represented by the lingam.

Who built Mallikarjuna temple?

The temple was built by Harihara Dhannayaka around 1234 A.D. during the rule of the Hoysala Empire King Vira Narasimha II. This temple is protected as a monument of national importance by the Archaeological Survey of India.

How to visit Mallikarjuna temple from Bangalore?

There is no direct connection from Bengaluru to Mallikarjuna Jyotirlinga. However, you can take the taxi to Bengaluru airport, fly to Hyderabad, then take the taxi to Mallikarjuna Jyotirlinga. Alternatively, you can take the bus to Kurnool then take the taxi to Mallikarjuna Jyotirlinga.7 days ago

Is Mobile allowed in Mallikarjuna temple?

Once there, it was seamless as the entire Darshan process is very streamlined. There is a place to deposit mobile phones as they are not allowed inside the temple premises. After Darshan, you can purchase Prasad at a separate counter. The entire place is blissful, with divine energy and charismatic.

Can we touch Mallikarjuna Jyotirlinga?

The Darshan which is available to those devotees who buy the tickets costing 500 INR per person is all about visiting the Mallikarjuna Swamy in his real Linga form and the devotees can be able to touch the Linga and worship in the nearest possible way.

Which month is good for Srisailam?

The best season to visit Srisailam is the winter season. The temperature remains comfortable and is apt for sightseeing. The best months to visit are November, December, January, February and March.

Which body part of Sati fell in Srisailam?

Dakshina talpa – Right Anklet
Srisailam is the place where Sati’s Dakshina talpa – Right Anklet fell down. Here the Shakti is worshipped in the name of Bhramaramba Devi / SriSundari and Lord Bhairava is Sundarananda.

How much time it takes for Srisailam darshan?

On normal days, devotees with special tickets only are allowed to enter the sanctum sanctorum. Currently, the free Sparsha Darshan is taking between 4 and 5 hours. A quicker darshan is possible for those who buy ‚¹500 ticket.

Which jyotirlinga is at Srisailam?

Where is the Mallikarjuna Jyotirlinga located? The second jyotirlinga is in Sri Bhramaramba Mallikarjuna Temple or Srisailam Temple in Andhra Pradesh. This temple is situated on a hilltop by the Krishna river.


Srisailam Bus Ticket Booking
Routes Popular Operators Price
Srisailam to Visakhapatnam bus 496 kms | 15 hr 45 mins (appx.) APSRTC ‚¹1043 onwards
Srisailam to MMTCC5950 bus 127 kms | 5 hr 15 mins (appx.) APSRTC ‚¹359 onwards
Srisailam to Guntur (Andhra Pradesh) bus 169 kms | 6 hr 26 mins (appx.) APSRTC ‚¹393 onwards
7 more rows


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