Sri Ramanavami


Most of the people prefer to observe a whole day fast on this day. Generally devotees prefers to be on a satvik food and consume potatoes made in any form without haldi (turmeric), garlic or onion. We can also eat fruit and root vegetables of any kind. Curd, tea, coffee, milk, and water are also permitted.

Why Sri Rama Navami is celebrated?

The festival celebrates the descent of Vishnu as the Rama avatar, through his birth to King Dasharatha and Queen Kausalya in Ayodhya, Kosala. This festival is a part of the Chaitra Navaratri in the spring, and falls on the ninth day of the bright half (Shukla Paksha) of Chaitra, the first month in the Hindu calendar.

What happened on the day of Ram Navami?

Ram Navami is one of the most significant Hindu festival as it marks the birth anniversary of Lord Ram. Lord Ram was born on Navami Tithi during Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month.

Is Sri Rama Navami a good day?

This day is considered very auspicious. Ram Navami is celebrated every year on the Navami date of Chaitra month of the Hindi calendar.

Why is it called Ram Navami?

Born to King Dashratha and Queen Kaushalya in Ayodhya in the Tretha Yug, Ram is considered the seventh incarnation of Vishnu and his birth is commemorated as Ram Navami in India. It is celebrated as a spring Hindu festival on the ninth day of Chaitra Navratri which marks the birth of Ram, the seventh avatar of Vishnu.

How is ramanavami celebrated?

Puja, vrata (fast) and feasting
Rama Navami / Observances

Why is Navami important?

Sri Rama Navami is a Hindu festival, celebrating of the birth of Sri Rama. It is celebrated on Navami of Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month. Sita Navami is a Hindu festival, celebrating the birth of Devi Sita. It is celebrated on Navami of Shukla Paksha of Vaishakh month.

Why was Ram born?

According to the sages, the Vedas and the Puranas, whenever righteousness decreases and the unrighteous increase, Vishnu assumes an earthly form (avatar) to defeat the wicked and protect his devotees.

When was Ram born?

According to the exhibition, Cultural Continuity from Rigveda to Robotics, Lord Ram was born on January 10 at 12.05 hours, 5114 BC and the Mahabharata war started on 13 October, 3139 BC.

How many years Lord Rama lived?

Some say Rama ruled for 11,000 years. Rama went in exile when He was 25 years old. He returned to Ayodhya and was coronated when 39. After ruling for 30 years and 6 months post his coronation, when He was about 70 years old, Rama relinquished the kingdom.


In South India, panakam, kosambari (vada pappu) and neer mor is made during this festival as an offering to the deities. Some varieties of payasams or kheer are also made. In north India we break Navratri fasts during navami and so Kala chana, Poori and Suji ka halwa is made.


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