St Thomas Mount Chennai


Sighted in 1493 by Christopher Columbus, St. Thomas was later colonized, first by the Dutch (1657) and then by the Danish (1666). In 1672 it passed into the hands of the newly chartered Danish West India Company and subsequently, in 1685, of the mainly Dutch Brandenburg Company.

What is special about St. Thomas Mount?

St. Thomas Mount is the legendary place where Thomas had been martyred, shot by his assailants with a bow and arrow. He is thought to have clutched a stone cross, bleeding on it during his death. That cross has been called the bleeding cross, as miracles of its bleeding have been reported.

What is found on top of St. Thomas Mount?

One of the earliest memorials in Chennai is the peaceful little Portuguese chapel on top of the hill (a flight of 132 steps leads to the summit) and built at the site where St. Thomas, the Apostle of India, was martyred in 72 A.D. and thereafter the hill has been famously known as the St. Thomas Mount.

Can we go to St. Thomas Mount?

St Thomas Mount Church is open daily from 7 A.M to 7 P.M and can be visited with no fee charges.

Who built St. Thomas Mount?

the Portuguese
A flight of granite steps marked by 14 Stations of the Cross ascends the mount to Our Lady of Expectation Church, built in the mid-16th century by the Portuguese who established a Mission at the mount. The steps were built by Petrus Uscan, a notable member of the Armenian community of old Madras.

How many steps are in St. Thomas Mount?

It’s known for the St Thomas Mount Shrine that is at the summit which apparently the Pope visited it in 1986! It was originally constructed to act as a lighthouse to Portuguese and Armenian ships and has over 130 steps leading up to it that are made entirely out of granite.

Does St. Thomas have any waterfalls?

1. Roselle Falls. Located on the roadside of the main road in St Thomas the gem of a free waterfalls is perfect for Spring water street.

Are there snakes in St. Thomas?

Q: Do we have snakes in the USVI? A: Yes, five species on St. Thomas: Puerto Rican Racer, the Garden Snake, the endangered Virgin Islands Boa, the Blind Snake, plus the non-native Corn Snake.

What wild animals live in St. Thomas?

Frogs, gecko, anole and iguana lizards are among some of the animals on the various islands. There are over 30 varieties of birds on the islands including the bananaquit, the ani (a black, parrot-like, smooth billed bird), and two species of Caribbean hummingbirds.

What Stone is St. Thomas known for?

St Thomas is also where you’ll find the rarest gemstone in the world, tanzanite. Tanzanite, like the waters of St Thomas, delights with multiple variations of every shade of blue you can imagine.


St. Thomas is a laid back island that is easy to navigate. Driving on the left will take a little getting used to before you feel completely comfortable. But, by the end of the trip, it will feel like second nature.


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