Statue Of Unity Inside View


The show uses statues as a canvas with a beautiful mixture of laser lights, sound, graphics, and storytelling. The 30-minute show leaves the viewers spellbound. There are a total of 51 high-resolution projectors using in the show. All of them are fixed at a distance of 600 meters.

Can you go inside Statue of Unity?

It is open all weekdays from 9 am to 6 pm. As I already said the prices of tickets are Rs 350 and RS 200 for Adult and kids between 3 to 15 respectively. Statue of Unity Entry Ticket: It is another ticket option that you can choose if you want.

What is not allowed inside Statue of Unity?

6) Visiting tourists to take note that SOU complex does not have a locker facility, therefore, it is advised not to carry any bags and other prohibited items like cigarettes, matchboxes, lighters, other inflammable items, intoxicants, and pets to SoU Complex.

What can be seen in Statue of Unity?

The Statue of Unity is the world’s tallest statue with a whopping height of 182 metres. Behold an architectural marvel that is more than just a statue, nestling exhibition hall, viewing gallery and even a large lift inside it.

What is the entry fee of Statue of Unity?

‚¹ 120 for adults
Statue of Unity ticket price, booking process:

Each ticket is issued for two hours. A basic entry ticket to the Statue of Unity costs ‚¹ 120 for adults and ‚¹ 60 for kids. It gives you entry to the valley of flower, memorial, museum and audio visual gallery, the Statue of Unity site and the Sardar Sarovar Dam.

Is laser show at Statue of Unity free?

Statue of Unity projection mapping show known as Laser Show to get a more organized shape in coming days, the free of charge 30 minute show going on regular in the evening since Gujarati new year day.

Is one day sufficient for Statue of Unity?

There are many attractions in and around the monument. Also, there are many adventure activities and relaxation places to rejoice and rejuvenate. Hence, a one day trip is not enough, but you should plan at least 2 to 3 days stay.

Which time is best for Statue of Unity?

Best time to visit: The best time to visit the Statue of Unity is in the cooler months of October to February, though the site is open all through the year. The Statue of Unity opens at AM and closes at PM from Tuesday to Sunday.

How do I spend a day in Statue of Unity?

PM. Buffet Lunch near S.O.U.
0 PM. Visit to the Sardar Sarovar Dam Viewsite- Kevadiya.
0 PM. Entry in Statue of Unity for Viewing Gallery.
0 PM. Return Form Statue of Unity.
0 PM. Let’s Look at the Laser Show.
0 PM. Buffet Dinner.
0 PM. Departure to Ahmedabad.
1 PM. Arrival at Ahmedabad.

What is included in viewing gallery ticket?

Should you also like to visit the Viewing Gallery, you’ll then need to purchase the Viewing Gallery Ticket priced at ‚¹380 for Adults and ‚¹230 for Children. The ‘Viewing Gallery Ticket’ includes all the ‘Basic Entry Ticket’ benefits, as well as access to the Statue of Unity Viewing Gallery.


The Tallest of Them All

The first glance was breathtaking. An utterly surreal moment of finally fulfilling a dream”to stand in front of the Statue of Unity and soak in the magnificence and beauty of the tallest idol in the world. From the time I saw it and till the time I left, it took my breath away.


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