Sumitranandan Pant


Ever since the end of the 14th century, Chaucer has been known as the father of English poetry, a model of writing to be imitated by English poets. œHe was one of the first poets of his day to write exclusively in English (his contemporary John Gower, for example, wrote in Latin, French, and English).

What is the real name of Sumitranandan pant?

Gosain Dutt
Born Gosain Dutt, he changed his name to Sumitranandan Pant while in school as an homage to Lakshman from the Ramayan, whose mother’s name was Sumitra, while the hairstyle was inspired by French military leader Napoleon Bonaparte. His was not the only name he changed, though.

When was Sumitranandan pant awarded by Gyanpeeth?

In 1968, Pant became the first Hindi poet to receive the Jnanpith Award, considered to be India’s highest accolade for literature. This was awarded to him for a collection of his most famous poems titled Chidambara.

Why was Sumitranandan pant famous?

Sumitranandan Pant (20 May 1900 28 December 1977) was an Indian poet. He was one of the most celebrated 20th century poets of the Hindi language and was known for romanticism in his poems which were inspired by nature, people and beauty within.

Where was sumitranandan pant born?

Sumitranandan Pant / Place of birth

Kausani is a hill station, World famous tourist place and village located 14 km away from Garur town ofBageshwar district in the state of Uttarakhand, India. Wikipedia

Who is the first Hindi poet?

Prithviraj Raso, an epic poem written by Chand Bardai (1149 c. 1200), is considered one of the first works in the history of Hindi literature. Chand Bardai was a court poet of Prithviraj Chauhan, the famous ruler of Delhi and Ajmer during the invasion of Muhammad of Ghor.

Who won first Gyanpeeth prize?

G. Sankara Kurup
Jnanpith Award
Total awarded 62
First winner G. Sankara Kurup
9 more rows

Who won 1st Jnanpith Award?

G Shankara Kurup better known as Mahakavi G, was an Indian poet, essayist and literary critic of Malayalam literature who won the first Jnanpith award for his collection of poems ‘Odakkuzhal’.

Who is the famous poet of Uttarakhand?

Sumitranandan Pant, the œBard of Almora who sang of the beauty of nature in his poetry and was one of the shining names of the œChhayavaadi Kavis will always be the pride of Uttarakhand besides being one of the most well-known Hindi poets of our country In December 2015, the then Governor of Uttarakhand Dr.

Who was the first poet of Khadi Boli from Uttrakhand?

Lokratna Pant or Gumani
Lokratna Pant or Gumani was a poet in the court of Kashipur, knowledgeable in the Sanskrit and Hindi poems. He was also known as the first poet of Kumaoni and Nepali. He was also considered to be the first poet to recite or write poems in Khadi Boli.


Fady Joudah is a Palestinian American physician, poet, and translator. He was born in Austin, Texas, and grew up in Libya and Saudi Arabia. He was educated at the University of Georgia, the Medical College of Georgia, and the University of Texas Health Sciences in Houston.


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