Mount Everest is on the crest of the Great Himalayas of southern Asia. It lies on the border between Nepal and the Tibet Autonomous Region of China.

Who has climbed Swargarohini?

The peaks are said to be the stairway to heaven that was followed by Pandavas, but only Yudhishthira, the eldest of the Pandavas, is able to reach heaven. According to the legends it is believed that this is the only way one can go to heaven without dying.

What is the myth of Swargarohini?

According to Hindu scriptures, the mighty Pandavas traversed through Swargarohini to reach heaven. However, only one Pandava brother i.e. Yudhishthira accompanied by a dog was able to make their ascent to heaven. Many Hindus believe that Swargarohini is the only way by which one can reach heaven in his human form.


How many people climbed Swargarohini?

Swargarohini 1 has been climbed by a 4-man team from West Bengal. The first civilian to reach the summit on 29 June 2016 at am was leader, Thendup Sherpa. The expedition was organised by The Natures Foundation Kanchrapara of West Bengal.

How much Swargarohini trek cost?

Cost. ‚¹14,000 per person, from Dehradun and back, if you are travelling with Rocky Feet. This includes accommodation on a twin sharing basis, all meals, logistics for the trek and transfers to and from the base camp.

Where is the stairs to heaven in India?

Korigad is a fort near Lonavla located at 929m above sea level. It is an easy trek to reach to the top, starts on a muddy road, takes you through a jungle of Karvy, and then the 740-stepped-stairway leads you straight to heaven.

How far is Badrinath from Swargarohini?

At a distance of 38 km from Badrinath and 33 km from Mana, Swargarohini is a mountain range in the Saraswati Range of the Garhwal Himalayas. It lies in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand, west of the Gangotri group of peaks. Swargarohini is 8 km trek from Satopanth Lake.

How can I reach Swargarohini?

You can easily reach Swargarohini by air, train and by road. By Trek: – The 26 km trek starts from Badrinath (9,900 ft (3,326 m)), the nearest place on the NH 58 Badrinath is 163 km from Rudraprayag. By Air: – Jolly Grant Airport is 320km from Badrinath Swargarohini is 26kms.

What is the height of Swargarohini?

6,252 m
Swargarohini / Elevation

Which glacier is near Badrinath Temple?

Alkapuri Glacier
Alkapuri Glacier is located in Near Badrinath ( 12 kms trek from Mana Village).


The distance that you will need to cover while completing the Swargarohini glacier trek is around 70 kilometres over a course of several days. The particular trek trip would consist of 13 days including travels, stays and the entire trekking activity.


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