Swarnamukhi River


Hence the place has also got the name Kaliyuga Vaikuntha and the Lord here is referred to as Kaliyuga Prathyaksha Daivam. The temple is also known by other names like Tirumala Temple, Tirupati Temple and Tirupati Balaji Temple. Venkateswara is known by many other names: Balaji, Govinda, and Srinivasa.

Where is Swarnamukhi River located?

The Swarnamukhi is an East Flowing river basin having a small catchment area of 3,225 Sq.Km. It rises at an elevation of 300 m in the Eastern Ghat ranges near Pakala village in Chittur district of Andhra Pradesh at North latitude 13° 28′ and East longitude 79° 09′.

Which river flows near kalahasti?

river swarnamukhi
Srikalahasti is holy town and municipality in chittoor district of Andrapradesh. It is located besides the river swarnamukhi.

What is Swarnamukhi stone?

Swarnamukhi is Considered as Ammavaru Shila, Amba Shila, Goddess Parvathi for Panchayatan Puja. Swarnamukhi shila or stone is black in color with gold colour glitters. Generally found in swarnamukhi river.

Which river flows in Tirumala?

Swarnamukhi is a river in southern India. This is an independent river which rises at an elevation of 300 m in the Eastern Ghats ranges near Pakala in Tirupati district and flows through 130 kms towards Bay of Bengal The holy Hindu temples of Tirumala and Srikalahasti are located in the river basin.

Where is Krishna’s river birth place?

The Krishna River rises from the Western Ghats near Jor village of Satara district of Maharashtra at an altitude of 1,337 m just north of Mahabaleshwar. The total length of river from origin to its outfall into the Bay of Bengal is 1,400 km.

What is the story behind kalahasti temple?

The SriKalahasti temple was adorned by locally influenced Tribal people before the devotion started. Depending on the evidence available through the ancient proof’s and by sculpture In the 9th century, the Pallava Chola kings found that the temple was built in this place. Kulottunga Chola constructed the temple dome.

What is special about kalahasti temple?

The Srikalahasti Temple is considered as one of the Pancha Bhoota Stalam, where the presiding deity is worshipped as Air or Vaayu Lingam. This temple is considered as the Kashi and Kailasa of the South. The temple is mentioned numerous times in the songs sung by Saivite saints of the first century.

Which language is spoken in Tirupati?

Telugu is the official and the most commonly spoken language (87.98%).

How to do Panchayatana Puja?

That is to place the Murthy which one traditionally worships as prescribed by his Kula Sampradaya. The other method is to place the Ishta Devata, Preferred personal God in the center and place all the others around it. Some use natural Stones instead of Murthis. Surya Crystal from Vallam Tamil Nadu.


Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) is an independent trust which manages the temples including the Tirumala Venkateswara Temple in Andhra Pradesh.
Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams.
Logo of TTD
Formation 1932
Purpose Management of 12 temples including Tirumla Venkateswara
Headquarters Tirupati
Chairman Y. V. Subba Reddy
3 more rows


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