Old digha beach is 100 times better than new digha beach you can spend time and get relaxed at old digha beach there is a separated sand beach also to bath at old digha. This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

Why is Tajpur famous?

Tajpur is one of Bengal’s recently discovered tourist destination that lies close to ever-popular Mandarmoni and Shankarpur. In Tajpur, prime attraction is its sea beach with a dense of tamarisk trees. Red crabs are found during day time as it is looks like red carpet.

How can I go to Tajpur by train?

There is no rail-station at Tajpur itself. The nearest two major rail-stations are Kanthi P H and Digha Flag Station. From Kanthi P H, auto-rickshaw can be hired to reach the place. From Digha, the distance is 18 km and it takes around 1 hour to reach by a hired car.

How can I go to Tajpur from Kolkata?

By Rail: You can catch a train to Ramnagar railway station and then from there, you can hire a cab to Tajpur. Ramnagar is located at a distance of around 10 km from Tajpur and 170 km from Kolkata. By Road: Located at an average distance of 160 km from Kolkata, Tajpur is easily accessible by road.

How can I go Tajpur?

Tajpur is near Digha and can be reached by taking any bus going to Digha. You need to get off the bus at Balisai between Contai (Kanthi) and Digha after Chawalkhola. The sea beach is a 15 min ride by a car from Balisai. You need to book a car to pick you up from Balisai.

Why is mandarmani beach famous?

Considered to be the longest driveable beaches in India, Mandarmani Beach is known for its long sandy stretches and water sport activities.

Is there quicksand in Mandarmani?

Take a break in Mandarmoni, West Bengal

And, while we are on the cons of the beach: don’t be tempted to drive down to the confluence of local the river nearby, since there is a very real risk that your car could get caught in quicksand.

Which is best beach Digha or Mandarmani?

I tried all the mentioned Sports/Adventures and it was fun! Overall, I would say a combined trip to Digha and Mandarmani would be better than going to just one of them. Digha has a good market area, and its great if you want to try seafood. Mandarmani has better hotels and the adventure sports.

How long is Mandarmani beach?

Red crabs crawling around the 13 km long beach is a special attraction of Mandarmani. It is argued to be the longest driveable (drive in) beach in India.

Where is Mandarmani beach?

Located in the East Midnapore district of West Bengal, India, at 180 kilometers from Kolkata city, the beach town of Mandarmani has an offbeat, small yet unique beach with quite a few luxury resorts and a potential to become the next go- to beach destination. The beach is situated on the Kolkata- Digha route.


Mousuni is a tiny island which is attached to the Sunderbans Delta near Namkhana in West Bengal.


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