Tarkeshwar Temple


Tarapith Temple is a famous Hindu temple. It is situated in Tarapith town of Birbhum district, west Bengal. The deity is in the form of fearsome Hindu Divine Mother and this temple is one among 51 Shakthi Peeth.

Why is Tarkeshwar famous?

It is one of the major tourist and holy place of West Bengal as well as India. Tarakeswar is a place of pilgrimage of Lord Shiva sect in West Bengal 58 kilometres (36 mi) away from State Capital Kolkata and about 1520 kilometres away from National Capital New Delhi.

Why is Tarakeswar Temple famous?

The Taraknath temple, dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva worshiped as Taraknath, is a major pilgrimage spot in the town of Tarakeswar, West Bengal, India. Built in 1729, the temple is an atchala structure of Bengal temple architecture with a ‘natmandir’ in front. Close by are the shrines of Kali and Lakshmi Narayan.

Which district is tarkeshwar?

Hooghly district
Tarakeswar is an assembly constituency in Hooghly district in the state of West Bengal.

Who built Tarakeshwar Temple?

Raja Bharamalla
It is also believed that the water in the tank possesses medicinal properties and a bath here can keep one healthy. As per folklore, the tank was built at the time of the construction of the temple in the year 1729 by Raja Bharamalla.

How to go to Tarakeswar from Kolkata by train?

From Kolkata, 37361 Hwh Ambg Local is the last train you can take to reach Tarakeswar. To travel from Kolkata to Tarakeswar, it takes this train 1hr 24min hours. Departing from Kolkata HWH at 0:00, it arrives in Tarakeswar TAK at 1:00. 37361 Hwh Ambg Local operates on Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun.

How old is Jalakandeswarar temple?

Nayaka, proceeded to demolish the anthill and build the temple in 1550 CE, and since the Lingam was surrounded by water (called Jalam in Tamil) the deity was called as Jalakandeswarar (translated as “Lord Siva residing in the water”).

Why is Chandranath temple famous?

Chandranath Temple (Bengali: ¦š¦¨§¦¦§¦¦¨¦¾¦ ¦®¦¨§¦¦¦¿¦ or Chandronath mondir), located on top of the Chandranath Hill, is a famous Shakti Peeth located near Sitakunda in Bangladesh where, as per Hindu sacred texts, the right arm of Goddess Sati fell. Chandranath Temple is a pilgrimage site for Hindus.

How old is tiruvannamalai mountain?

3.5 billion years old
The Geological Survey of India claims the hill to be 3.5 billion years old. But, obviously, the temple is much younger. Inscriptions on its walls date back to the 7th Century Pallava era. Later, it came under the Cholas in the 9th Century.

Who is MLA of tarkeshwar?

Members of Vidhan Sabha
Election Year Name of M.L.A. Party Affiliation
2006 Pratim Chatterjee Marxist Forward Bloc
2011 Rachhpal Singh All India Trinamool Congress
2016 Rachhpal Singh All India Trinamool Congress
2021 Ramendu Sinharay All India Trinamool Congress
13 more rows


15 No
The Municipal area is divided into 15 No. wards for administrative purpose. Tarakeswar town is situated in the center of Tarakeswar Block .


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