Tarn Taran District


Name Designation
S. Satnam singh District education officer(Secondary)
Sh. Sushil kumar District education officer(elementary)

What is Tarn Taran famous for?

It has the distinction of having the largest Sarovar(water pond) of all the Gurudwaras. It is the only Gurudwara which is the replica of Shri Harminder Sahib, Amritsar. Also it is famous for the monthly gathering of pilgrims on the day of amavasya(no moon light).

Is Tarn Taran in Amritsar?


Tarn Taran district was formed in 2006 from Amritsar District. The declaration to this effect was made by Captain Amarinder Singh,Chief Minister of Punjab, during the celebrations marking the martyrdom day of Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji. With this, it became the 19th district of Punjab.

Who is DC of Tarn Taran district?

Employees Directory
Sr. No. Name of Officer and Designation
1 Dr. Rishipal Singh, I.A.S., The Deputy Commissioner, Tarn Taran
2 Sh. Jagwinderjit Singh Grewal, P.C.S. Addl. Deputy Commissioner (G), Tarn Taran
3 Sh. Jagwinderjit Singh Grewal, P.C.S. Addl. Deputy Commissioner (U.D), Tarn Taran
13 more rows

How many tehsil in Tarn Taran district?

three tehsils
There are three tehsils namely Tarn Taran , Patti, and Khadur Sahib and five sub tehsils namely Jhabal, Chohla sahib, Khem Karan, Bhikiwind and Goindwal Sahib in the district. The district is divided into 8 development blocks namely Gandiwind, Bhikiwind,Tarn Taran, Khadur Sahib, Naushera Pannuan, Chohla Sahib,Patti.

What is the old name of Tarn Taran?

The name Tarn Taran, since appropriated by the town itself, originally belonged to the sarovar, so called by Guru Arjan. Literally it means, “the boat that takes one across (the ocean of existence)”. (Tarana in Sanskrit is a raft or a boat).

Which is the biggest Sarovar in India?

Awsome – Tarn Taran Sahib.

Which hill station is near to Amritsar?

Hill Stations Around Amritsar

Manali, Mussoorie, Shimla, Kasol, Jammu and Kashmir, Dharamshala, Khajjiar, Dalhousie, Chamba, Palampur, Chail, Kufri and many more.

Is Amritsar majha or Malwa?

Majha is a historical region of the Indian Punjab comprising the modern districts of Amritsar, Pathankot, Gurdaspur and Tarn Taran. It lies between rivers Ravi, Beas and the Sutlej.

Is there any lake in Amritsar?

Despite the temple’s golden gorgeous looks, the spiritual focus of attention here is the lake surrounding it. Called the Amrit Sarovar, it gave Amritsar its name and was created by the fourth Sikh guru, Ram Das, in 1577. It’s enclosed by a marble walkway and its waters are reputed to have healing powers.


Schools Tarn Taran
Heritage Global School. 4.3.
V. shivjyotiboardingschool.com. 3.7.
C. Sri Guru Harkrishan Public School. 4.1.
Cambridge International School. 4.5. 93 Ratings.
St Francis School. 4.1. 73 Ratings.
St Francis School. 4.1. 73 Ratings.
KD International School. 4.2. 53 Ratings.
mamta niketan convent school. 4.3. 37 Ratings.


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