Teen Tal


Rudra Taal
Rudra Taal, 11 Beats (2 Varieties)

What is the name of 16 Matra Taal?

Taal Name Beats Khaali
Teen Taal 16 9
Ek Taal 12 3 – 7
Jhap Taal 10 6
Tilwada 16 9
70 more rows

How many Taals are there in Hindustani music?

The cyclic nature of a tala is a major feature of the Indian tradition, and this is termed as avartan Both raga and tala are open frameworks for creativity and allow theoretically infinite number of possibilities, however, the tradition considers 108 talas as basic

How many types of Taal are there in tabla?

There are 9 types of Taal in Hindustani classical music according to the count and structure of the beat They are – Tintaal, Jhoomra, Tilwara, Dhamar, Ektaal, Chautaal, Jhaptaal, Keherwa, Roopak and Dadra

What is theka in music?

A Theka (IAST: á¹hekā) literally means “support, prop” The term also refers to a musical composition in classical Indian music for percussion instruments that establish a rhythm (Chanda), beats (Matras) and the metric cycle of beats (Tala) in a performance A theka is the basic rhythmic phrase of a particular tala

Which taal have 7 beats?

Rupak Tala (rupak taal) or also known as Roopak Taal is a popular tala in Hindustani music that is common in Bhajans and Geets It has seven matras (beats) in three vibhags (divisions)

Which taal has 4 beats?

For instance, Teentaal (16 beats) is made up of four sections of four beats each, while Ektaal (12 beats) is made up of six sections of two beats each Ruupak (7 beats) is asymmetric – it has three sections of three, two, and two beats respectively

What is the shortest tala?

Tala is a rhythmic cycle made up of a number of beats In the Carnatic or South Indian rhythmic system the shortest cycle is made up of 3 beats whereas the longest cycle has 29 beats

How do you identify taal?

4 Ways to Match Taal in Singing
Learn Rhythm while Vibing to your Favourite Songs Rhythm is a song’s structure
Clapto learn rhythm AND to appreciate yourself! Clapping with the beat can help you understand a song’s rhythm or taal
Use a Metronome when it’s time to level up
The “Ultimate Tip”

How many beats are in a tal cycle?

tala , (Sanskrit: clap) in the music of India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, a metric cycle with a specific number of beatsfrom 3 to 128that recur in the same pattern throughout a musical performance


Introduction to Laggi

The laggi is one of the few simple, repetitive forms that you will hear in the classical tabla repertoire So if you are completely new to the tabla, or if you find other classical tabla forms difficult to follow, then laggis may be a good place to start


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