Temple Of The Elk


You can get inside the fort through the gates or through the broken wall passage with (Mobility 20) and/or (Athletics 20) checks.
Passing the Mobility check will get you to the other side and +18xp. .
Passing the Athletics check will get you to the other side and +18xp.

What level should I be for Temple of the Elk?

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elk temple difficulty. :: Pathfinder: Kingmaker General Discussions

Where is the Elk Temple?

Tacoma, Washington
The Elks Temple in Tacoma, Washington is a historic Beaux Arts Fraternal building built in 1916 for the Fraternal Order of Elks, now housing the McMenamins Elks Temple hotel, restaurant and event space.

How do I get to the Temple of the Elk Pathfinder?

You must speak to the Dryad Spirit at the abandoned hut, with “Nugrah’s Lost Note” in your inventory to reveal the Temple of The Elk location.

Can you romance in Pathfinder Kingmaker?

Yes: there are a total of seven romance options in the main game, plus one more in Varnhold’s Lot.

Where can I sell my Dryad token?

Do the Tokens go to him? You can ‘sell’ them to the Storyteller (the antiques guy) when you get your Barony, yes.

Where can I find Tristan Kingmaker?

Tristian can be encountered at the Temple of the Elk in the Narlmarches in Act 1.

Where is the largest elk restoration in the eastern US?

After reintroducing the animals began about 25 years ago, Kentucky is now home to the largest elk herd east of the Mississippi River.

How many elk are in Maggie Valley?

In 2001, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, the National Park Service and other partners joined together to restore wild elk to the Smoky Mountains in the Cataloochee Valley near Maggie Valley. The initial 52 elk that were released have grown to a herd of almost 200.

How many elk tules are there in California?

approximately 5,700 tule elk
In an effort to reduce damage to the improved habitat, the Department of Fish and Game has held the herd size at 30-35 individuals by periodically relocating surplus elk (California Department of Fish and Game, 1994). Currently there are approximately 5,700 tule elk throughout California in numerous herds.


Description. The Stag Lord’s Fort was built atop the ruins of an ancient monastery of Gyronna. It stood atop a cursed hill, within which the undead remains of a dozen or so of the goddess’ cultists who acted as an early warning system for the bandits.


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