Temple Treking


Trekking is more strenuous than hiking and can be done in various ways, from overnight backpacking trips to multi-day hikes. We look at trekking as a walk through testing terrains, slopes, and ascents, and over a long journey and a longer period, from multiple days to even weeks.

What is Temple trekking?

Temple Trekking is a member-only mini-game in which the player must escort the victims of the vampyric reign of Burgh of Rott through Morytania to Paterdomus, the temple on the Salve River, to guide them through bogs and rivers and defend them against dangerous monsters, some of which are unique to this mini-game.

How do I start Temple trekking?

Temple trekking starts at the town of Burgh de Rott. Start the minigame by speaking to one of the NPCs standing nearby. Burgh de Rott Ramble starts on the east side of the River Salve just outside the temple. A player can start at either side.

How do you level Temple trekking?

So to get started simply head west from cannabis to get started talk to the bulletin board andMore

How do I claim Temple trekking rewards?

In addition to the rewards received from completing a trek, rewards are also gained by getting the followers to reach certain levels. Rewards for a single follower can be claimed from the respective follower’s noticeboard tab. On the right under their level click on the green text to claim/toggle it.

What are the four types of trekking?

There are four types of trekking:
Easy trekking.
Moderate trekking.
Strenuous trekking.
Difficult trekking.

What is the purpose of trekking?

Trekking is an outdoor activity of walking for more than a day. It is a form of walking, undertaken with the specific purpose of exploring and enjoying the scenery. Trekking could be a motive, It could be a commitment, an aim, an objective, a mission, a party, a social gathering.

Which trekking is suitable for beginners?

If you are new to trekking, the Hampta Pass Trek is considered as the best Himalayan Treks for beginners! Connecting the scenic Lahaul and Kullu valleys, the easy gradient, prismatic views of the glaciers, alpine forests and the mighty Himalayan Range are the key elements beginners take this trek.

What are the rules of trekking?

Leave No Trace

The smell of faeces attracts wild animals to the campsite. Also, the spot must be far from water streams, as the bacteria in it will pollute the water. Lastly, carry a small shovel to dig a 6 cm hole and cover it after you are done. Place a heavy stone, so that no other trekker can dig it.

What are the basics of trekking?

Basic Essentials During Trekking
An identity card – Original and Photocopies (MANDATORY)
BackPack & Rain Cover (50-60 liter)
Day Pack & Rain Cover (20-30 liter, If you hire mule or porter)
1 ltr of pet water bottle or hydration pack.
Floaters or Sandals, Trekking Shoes (waterproof are better during snow and rain)


The fastest way to get level 10 is to pick one of allied races. If you chose to play not an allied race there are two ways: you either choose Exile’s Reach or your race’s starting location.


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