Thanjavur Maratha Palace


Located in the Kanniyakumari district, Padmanabhapuram was once a part of the erstwhile kingdom of Travancore. It is considered that the palace is one of the oldest of its kind in all of India. Though now situated inside Tamil Nadu, the palace is owned and operated by the Government of Kerala.

Who built the Thanjavur Maratha Palace?

Thanjavur Nayak kings
The Tanjore Palace or the Thanjavur Maratha Palace Complex, on the east main street, was initially constructed by Thanjavur Nayak kings. Within the palace complex exists a small bell tower and the renowned Saraswathi Mahal Library.

How did Marathas come to Thanjavur?

A son of Vijaya Raghava induced the Bijapur Sultan to help him get back the Thanjavur throne.
Thanjavur Maratha kingdom – Wikipedia
It was founded by Maratha Warrior King Chatrapati Shivaji’s half-brother, Ekoji alias Venkoji RajÄ BhonsalÄ.
Thanjavur Marathi people – Wikipedia

What happened to Thanjavur Palace?

The Marathas, who expanded the complex, used it until 1799 after which it was finally annexed by the British.
Thanjavur Maratha Palace – Tamilnadu Tourism Info
When most of the Thanjavur Maratha kingdom was annexed by the British Empire in 1799, the Thanjavur Marathas continued to hold sway over the palace and the ¦
Thanjavur Maratha Palace – Wikipedia

Who is the owner of Thanjavur Palace?

the Bhonsle family
The Thanjavur Nayak Palace Complex, known locally as Aranmanai, today is the official residence of the Bhonsle family that ruled Tanjore from 1674 to 1855.

When was Thanjavur Maratha palace built?

Also known as Maratha Palace or Nayak Palace, it was the official residence of the Maratha rulers from 1674 to 1855. It was constructed partly by Thanjavur Nayaks around 1550 CE and expanded by the Marathas.

Why was Thanjavur so famous?

Thanjavur is an important center of South Indian religion, art, and architecture.
Thanjavur – Wikipedia
Known as the cultural capital of Tamil Nadu, it is famous for ancient temples and exquisite handicrafts.
Thanjavur – Incredible India

Was Tanjore ruled by Marathas?

Thanjavur was a Maratha kingdom in Tamil Country, until the British dethroned the last Thanjavur Maratha king, Shivaji of Thanjavur. It was founded by Maratha Warrior King Chatrapati Shivaji’s half-brother, Ekoji alias Venkoji RajÄ BhonsalÄ. The Kshatriyas use Maratha, while the Brahmins use the name Deshastha.

Which caste is dominant in Thanjavur?

Among Hindus, Paraiyars (310,391), Vanniyars (235,406), Vellalars (212,168), Kallars (188,463), Devendrakula Velalar (159,855), Muthurajas (137,216), and Brahmins (118,882) were the most numerous.

What language is spoken in Thanjavur?

The language spoken by this community, also known as Thanjavur Marathi, is a scholarly dialect far removed from the present-day Marathi it is stuck in the 17th century and is old Marathi.


¦ per one theory, some people believe that the shadow of the Tanjore temple does not fall on ground in noon because of the way its basement has been constructed
Secrets of Brihadeeswarar Temple: How did they do it? – A Soul Window
Another mysterious fact associated with this temple is there are several underground passages which connected the different temples of Chola period.
Strange Facts of Brihadeeswarar Temple, Thanjavur – i Share


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