The Cape Cabo De Rama


Galgibaga. What is it? One of the cleanest beaches in India, which also serves as a nesting place for olive ridley sea turtles.

Where is Cabo de Rama beach located?

Cabo De Rama commonly known as Cab de Ram by the locals and is located at a distance of 28 km from Margao, 19 km from Agonda beach and 2 km from Cabo de Rama Fort. Overlooking the beach to its south is the Portuguese Fort Cabo de Rama.

How do I get to Cabo de Rama?

How to Reach Cabo De Rama Fort From Panjim, and Its Nearby Towns. Cabo De Rama Fort is in South Goa. If you are staying in South Goa, hire a private cab, auto-rickshaw to reach the fort. If you are coming from Panjim, the nearest bus stand is Panjim Kadamba Bus Stand, 60 kilometers/1.5 hours (approx.).

Why Cabo de Rama is famous for?

Fort Cabo de Rama derives its name from Lord Rama. Legend says that he and his wife Sita took refuge at this fort when they were exiled for 14 years. This fort withstood gruesome battles between the Portuguese, Marathas, Muslim invaders, and Hindu kings, and was used as a prison by the British.

Which beach has stones in Goa?

rocky beach to collect stones – Anjuna Beach.

Are there two airports in Cabo?

Many do not realize there are two airports int he Los Cabos region SJD Airport (San Jose del Cabo International Airport) and, CSL Airport (Cabo San Lucas Airport). The Cabo San Lucas airport code is CSL, and you can learn more about this private airport at their website.

How do you get to Cabo without flying?

Cabo Ferry

Experienced travelers are familiar with the ferries that daily shuttles visitors and locals between Mazatlan and La Paz, one of the closest major cities to Los Cabos. If youre traveling around Mexico and wanting to see more of the sea, hopping aboard the ferry is the best way to get to Cabo.

Can you fly private to Cabo?

The Los Cabos International Airport is just 8 miles from the downtown area of San Jose del Cabo. This airport accepts both private jets and commercial flights.

How old is Cabo de Rama Fort?

History Of The Cabo De Rama Fort

According to mythology, the King and his wife Sita stayed here while they were in their 14 year exile from Ayodhya story of the Hindu epic Ramayana. So the fort is thousands of years old, making this one of the oldest forts in western India.

Why is Cabo called Lands End?

Locals claim that the first sailors to visit this area during the Age of Discovery and the Golden Age of Pirates called this place Lands End because they believed it to be the last point of land before hitting Antarctica!


Ayodhya, set on the banks of the Sarayu river, is a historical city it is said to have been the capital of the Kosala Kingdom, which saw the birth of Lord Rama, the famous hero of the Ramayana epic.


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