The Iron Pillar Of Delhi


375 – 413/14 CE) of the Gupta dynasty. The Pillar is famous for its non-rusted state, despite being made of 99% iron, and having been constructed in the 5th century CE, and thus having an existence of around 1600 years.

Who made the iron pillar of Delhi?

Chandragupta II
The iron pillar of Delhi is a structure 7.21 metres (23 feet 8 inches) high with a 41-centimetre (16 in) diameter that was constructed by Chandragupta II (reigned c. 375415 AD), and now stands in the Qutb complex at Mehrauli in Delhi, India.

Why was the iron pillar of Delhi built?

According to the history of the Iron Pillar of Delhi, the pillar was made in the memory of the King of the Gupta Period. It was also constructed to honor the important god of Hindus Lord Vishnu.

Why is iron pillar in Delhi not rusted?

In Delhi, the Iron pillar of Qutub Minar does not rust as it is passively protected with 98% Wrought Iron. A high concentration of phosphorus (around 1%, which is higher than 0.05% in today’s iron) and the absence of sulfur or magnesium in the iron are responsible for the protection of iron from rusting.

How old is Iron Pillar of Delhi?

1600 years old
An ancient iron pillar in Delhi that seems to be rustproof.

The surprise comes in learning its age, some 1600 years old, much older than one would expect for an iron column which, judging from other exposed iron, should have turned to a pile of dust long ago.

What is special about iron pillar?

It is a metallurgical wonder and a testament to the knowledge and skill of India’s ancient ironsmiths. So, who built it and what stories does it tell? The iron pillar stands in the middle of the remains of the oldest mosque in Northern India, the Quwwat ul Islam built by Qutubuddin Aibak (r.

Who brought the iron pillar?

According to one popular theory, the Iron Pillar was erected on top of a hill in Madhya Pradesh called Udaygiri. After his victory, King Iltutmish (

Why does iron pillar not rust?

A high phosphorus iron ore was clearly used, and this element contaminated the product. As a result, a very thin dark grey protective layer of crystalline iron hydrogen phosphate has formed on the surface of the pillar, which is the reason for its resistance to corrosion.

What are three facts about the iron pillar of Delhi?

Quick Facts about Iron Pillar
Type: Monument.
Height: 7.21 meters.
Iron Pillar built by: Chandragupta II.
Iron Pillar Location: Qutub Complex in Mehrauli.
Nearest Metro Station to Iron Pillar: Qutub Minar metro station.
Iron Pillar Timings: 6 AM to 6 PM.
Iron Pillar Address: Mehrauli, New Delhi, Delhi 110030.

What is written on iron pillar?

3) The inscription on the pillar bears the names of a king called Chandra. It is on this basis that the iron pillar is assumed to be of the period of Chandragupta II.


the world-famous Delhi Iron Pillar has been presented. estimated as 646 kg and the main body as 5865 kg, thereby giving the entire weight of the pillar as 6511 kg.


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