Executive branch
Office Name Since
Chairman Prime Minister Min Aung Hlaing 2 February 2021
Vice Chairman Soe Win 2 February 2021
President Myint Swe 1 February 2021

Who built Thiba Palace?

the british
English: Thibaw Palace is in Ratnagiri city is historical building . This historical palace built in 1910-11 by the british.

Where did Thibaw the last king of Burma live in Maharashtra?

Thiba palace was built by British Government to keep the former king of Brahmadesh (Now Myanmar) Thabba Min in house arrest. It was built in the year 1910. Until 1916, the king and queen of Myanmar lived in this palace.

Who was Myanmar last king?

Thibaw Min
Thibaw Min, the last king of Burma who faced a humiliating defeat, was exiled out of his country never to return back. Here’s his tragic story.

Who is the king of Myanmar now?

Thibaw Min
Father Mindon Min
Mother Laungshe Mibaya
Religion Theravada Buddhism
15 more rows

Is there a royal family in Burma?

Maha Chandra Kumara Soe Win (Burmese: born 15 January 1948) is a retired Burmese diplomat, prince and senior male member of the Royal House of Konbaung as the Pretender to the Throne of Burma (abolished in 1885) since 2019.

What happened to the royal family of Burma?

The princes and princesses of Burma had been summoned to the palace in Mandalay to attend the death bed of his father King Mindon. As each arrived, they were cruelly executed and buried in the palace grounds. Over 70 family members and potential rivals were eradicated.

Who was the last Indian king?

Emperor of India
Last monarch George VI (continued as monarch of India and Pakistan)
Formation 1 May 1876
Abolition 22 June 1948
Appointer Hereditary
7 more rows

Who ruled Burma before British?

As Burma had been one of the first Southeast Asian countries to adopt Buddhism on a large scale, it continued under the British as the officially patronised religion of most of the population. Before the British conquest and colonisation, the ruling Konbaung dynasty practised a tightly centralized form of government.

Who is the Queen of Burma?

Successor disestablished
Born 13 December 1859 Mandalay, Burma
Died 24 November 1925 (aged 65) Rangoon, British Burma
Burial Kandawmin Garden Mausolea
19 more rows


In February-March 1945, the ferocious fight for central Burma led by General William Slim and the 14th Army turned into a decisive British victory.


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