Things To Do In Kanyakumari


Kanyakumari Beach

This rocky beach discourages swimming and other water based activities, but it is perfect for great views and sightseeing. One of the most popular spots for sunset views, Kanyakumari beach has many rocks that make an ideal perch for an evening.

What are the top attractions to visit in Kanyakumari?

Kanniyakumari is a popular tourist destination and pilgrimage centre in India. Notable tourist spots include its unique sunrise and sunset points, the 41-metre (133 ft) Thiruvalluvar Statue and Vivekananda Rock Memorial off the coast.

What are the most popular things to do in Kanyakumari with children?

One full-day tour is sufficient to cover most of the places of interest in Kanyakumari. In your guided one day Kanyakumari Local Sightseeing Tour in a car, you will be picked up from your hotel or home in Kanyakumari in the morning and will be dropped back in the evening.

Is Kanyakumari worth visiting?

A trip of 2 nights & 3 days is enough to explore the best elements of Kanyakumari. Whether you want to visit temples, beaches, or other tourist attractions, you can cover all the major spots during this span. However, if you are looking for a more leisurely vacation, you can also plan a trip of around 5-6 days.

How many days are enough to explore Kanyakumari?

Kanyakumari tourism has benefited from the city’s special spiritual importance. It is a renowned pilgrimage site since it is said to be the home of the virgin Goddess Kanya Kumari. The town also provides something for individuals of various faiths, making it an excellent destination for your next trip.

What is the famous thing of Kanyakumari?

What are famous food items in Kanyakumari? Kothu, Appam, Pazha Sarbath, and Maravazhi Kilangu are some of the most famous food items in Kanyakumari. What is the staple food of Kanyakumari? Rice is the staple food of Kanyakumari and is eaten along with chicken curry, pulses, and more.

Is one day enough for Kanyakumari?

12 Things To Do In Kanyakumari
Visit Vivekananda Rock Memorial. Image Source. .
Bathe At Triveni Sangam. Image Source. .
Watch the Sunrise And Sunset. Image Source. .
A Day Trip to Padmanabhapuram Palace. .
See Where Gandhi’s Ashes Were Kept. .
Visit The Thiruvalluvar Statue. .
Browse The Shops And Stalls. .
Check Out Muppandal Wind Farm.

Is 2 days enough for Kanyakumari?

5 Essentials To Know Before Visiting Kanyakumari
Flip Flops > Sneakers/ Sport Shoes. .
Wearing Socks Is A Must. .
Wear Sunscreen. .
Language Will Not Be A Very Big Problem. .
You Won’t Find A Lot Of Non-Vegetarian Food.

What food is Kanyakumari famous for?

However, the best time to visit Kanyakumari is in winter, from October to March. The weather is cool and pleasant, with a warm sun to give company, making it an ideal time for sightseeing and outdoor activities.

How can I spend a day in Kanyakumari?

2 days would be sufficient. A trip covering the important places of Kanyakumari shouldn’t take more than 2 days, considering you’re planning to cover most of it by foot.


Kanyakumari is popular because it is the only places on earth, where you can see the Sun Rise and Sun Set from the ocean. It is the only place in India where one can enjoy the unique spectacle of Sunset and Moonrise simultaneously on full moon days.


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