Things To Do In Rameswaram


Generally it takes 4 to 7 Hrs depending upon the places of visit and time taken at each place. over a year ago. Best time is early morning 5 when you can first have a darshan of mani shivlinga which was established by Adi Shankaracharya. This can only be worshipped from 5 am to 6 am.

What are the most popular things to do in Rameswaram with children?

Yes, you can see all the location in / around Temple in a day, better you reach this holy place early morning to see the Sunrise. over a year ago. Is there quality accommodation at Rameswaram!

What are the top attractions to visit in Rameswaram?

The Ramanathaswamy Temple is the most notable historic landmark of the town. Located in the centre of town, Ramanathaswamy Temple is a famous Hindu temple dedicated to the god Shiva. The temple is one of the 12 Jyotirlinga shrines, where Shiva is worshipped in the form of a Jyotirlinga meaning pillar of light.

Is one day enough for Rameshwaram?

Before entering Rameswaram as you cross road bridge, you halt and view the Pamban rail bridge. To answer your other question – many people cover Rameswaram, Dhanushkodi in a day. For a more relaxed trip two days and one night is adequate.

What is special in Rameswaram?

Is it compulsory to take bath in Rameshwaram? Although taking bath in these wells is not compulsory, it is advisable to stick to the tradition and take bath in the 22 tirthas or wells. Legend has it that taking bath in these wells will absolve a person of all his/her sins.

Is 2 days enough for Rameshwaram?

Rameshwaram temple rules

Visitors are required to follow certain dress codes, especially men who can enter the temple wearing vests and shirts. Even cotton trousers with shirts are allowed, but no jeans and t-shirts.

Is it compulsory to take bath in Rameshwaram?

You can find these stones in the city. But these famous floating stone is not at main temple. You can find them at Panchmukhi hanuman temple. They are kept in the jars, you can touch them.

Is jeans allowed in Rameshwaram temple?

A: One should definitely not miss the Agnitheertham, Arulmigu Ramanatha Swamy Temple, The five Faced Hanuman Temple and Dhanushkodi Beach if visiting Rameshwaram for one day only. However, it is always suggested to stay in the city for at least 2 days.

Can we touch Rameshwaram jyotirlinga?

Are there any dress codes to wear in Rameshwaram temple? Yes, there are dress codes that you do need to follow. Wearing traditional and vests are a must for guys. For the girls, it is either churidar or a saree, whatever you deem suitable for yourself.

How many days are enough for Rameswaram?

Guide Charges for quick Bathing Rs. 100 per person. After bath, One must change clothes. Not allowed inside temple with wet clothes.


There is no separate dress code for Tamil Nadu temples. for ladies better to wear saree or chutidhar. but in many Temples in Tamil Nadu they ask males to undress their shirts only, to get a better power from the temple.


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