Thousand Pillar Temple


Lord Shiva
The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and worshipped by devotees. The presiding deity is Ramalingeswara Swamy. It is also known as the Ramappa temple, after the sculptor who executed the work in the temple for 40 years,an official release said.

Which temple is known as Thousand Pillar Temple?

Sri Rudreshwara Swamy Temple
The most popular place to visit in Warangal is the Thousand Pillars Temple, located at the base of Hanamkonda hill. It was built in 12th century by the Kakatiya King Rudra Deva. Dedicated primarily to Lord Shiva, this temple is also known by the name of Sri Rudreshwara Swamy Temple.

How many pillars are in the Thousand Pillar Temple?

According to retired Telugu professor Hari Siva Kumar, the temple came to be known as Thousand Pillar because there were about 300 pillars or shapes of pillars both small and big that make the temple complete.

Why is it called Thousand Pillar Temple?

The ‘Thousand Pillar Temple’ in India just like the name suggests, this temple houses a thousand pillars. Also called, the Rudreshwara Swamy Temple, this temple is located in the town of Hanamakonda in the state of Telangana, India.

In which district is Thousand Pillars Temple located?

The Thousand Pillar Temple or Rudreswara Swamy Temple is a historic Hindu temple located in the town of Hanamakonda, Telangana State, India.

Which temple has floating pillar?

The Lepakshi Temple
The Lepakshi Temple is a fine spectacle of timeless art, with murals and frescoes. It is also known as Veerabhadra Temple that boasts the amazing hanging pillars and a cave that was home to Sage Agasthya. Amongst 70 stone pillar, there is one that hangs from the ceiling.

Who built 100 Pillar Temple Bodhan?

Rashtrakuta king Indra III
It was a Hindu-Jain temple built by the Rashtrakuta king Indra III in the 10th century CE.

Who destroyed the Thousand Pillar Temple?

The Tughlaq dynasty
The Tughlaq dynasty of Turkic origin destroyed the Thousand pillar temple during their invasion of South India. It stayed in bad shape for a few years with fallen out columns, broken roofs, and broken statues. In 2004, the temple was renovated by the Government of India.

Who built 1000 pillar Palace?

The Thousand pillars temple which is located in Hanamkonda is one of the most important parts of the Warangal City. The temple was constructed in the 1163 AD by the great Rudra Deva.

Which temple pillar does not touch ground?

Pillar of Lepakshi temple
This was the famed Hanging Column or Pillar of Lepakshi temple, located in Anantapur district in southern Andhra Pradesh. This is the pillar which does not rest on the ground fully, the guide said, rising to stand beside us, and beaming triumphantly, almost as if he were the architect of this marvel.


The hanging pillar is a bit dislodged from its original position. A British engineer tried to move it in an unsuccessful attempt to uncover the secret of its support and this is the reason behind this shift. There is a giant Ganesha statue in the temple’s outer enclosure.


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