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Meenakshi (1700-1736) was the queen regent of the Madurai Nayak Kingdom between 1731 and 1736. She ruled as regent for her adopted son. She was the granddaughter-in-law of Rani Mangammal. She married king Vijaya Ranga Chokkanatha Nayak of the Madurai Nayak Kingdom.

What is Madurai old name?

It is narrated in legend that Madurai was originally a forest known as Kadambavanam. One day, a farmer named Dhananjaya who was passing through the forest, saw Indra (The king of the gods), worshipping a swayambhu (self created Lingam ) under kadamba tree.

For which Madurai is famous?

The city has a number of historical monuments, with the Meenakshi Temple and the Thirumalai Nayak Palace being the most prominent. Madurai is an important industrial and educational hub in South Tamil Nadu. The city is home to various automobile, rubber, chemical and granite manufacturing industries.

Is Madurai is a city or village?

Madurai is a major city in the state of Tamil Nadu in southern India. It is the administrative headquarters of Madurai District. Madurai is the second largest corporation city by area and third largest city by population in Tamil Nadu.

Where is Madurai and what is it famous for?

Located in Tamil Nadu, Madurai is a city known for its historical and cultural significance. The city has said to be constructed in the shape of a lotus around the infamous Meenakshi Amman temple. It is known as the ‘Athens of the East’ as it has a similar architectural style, including alleyways.

Why is Madurai called sleepless city?

The marketplace in Madurai was always bustling with life. The day market was called Naalangadi and the evening market was called Allangadi. Due to this, Madurai was known as œThoonga Nagaram meaning the city that never sleeps.

Who is rowdy in Madurai?

Pandi. P. Pandi, also known as Attack Pandi, is a gangster from the Madurai area of Tamil Nadu, India.

Which food is famous in Madurai?

Here are some famous foods of Madurai:
Soft and Spongy Idly.
Crispy and Golden Dosa.
Bun Parotta.
Yum Yum Idiyappam.
Jil Jil Jigarthanda.
Traditional Paruthi Paal.

What sweet is famous in Madurai?

The kachoris, mal-pua, milk-cake, peda and various other milk-made sweets are a hit among the Madurai sweet lovers.

Is 1 day enough for Madurai?

Madurai is an important city in Tamil Nadu, India. It is located on the banks of the river Vaigai. If have only one day to spend in Madurai, you can cover the destinations like Alagar kovil, Gandhi Memorial Museum, Koodal Azhagar Temple, and Meenakshi Temple.


Traditionally, Madurai has been an AIADMK stronghold owing to the strength of the Mukkulathor community.


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