Tipu Sultan Palace


Qila Mubarak, Bathinda

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Did Tipu Sultan built Mysore Palace?

Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace in Srirangapatna, also referred to as Dariya Daulat Bagh was being used as summer retreat by former Mysuru ruler, Tipu Sultan. Tipu Sultan’s summer palace was built during 1778-1784 AD. Construction of the palace was initiated by Hyder Ali (Tipu Sultan’s father) and completed by Tipu Sultan.

Who owns Tipu Sultan palace?

Today the Archaeological Survey of India maintains the palace, which is located at the center of Old Bangalore near the Kalasipalya bus stand, as a tourist spot. Entry fee is ‚¹20 for Indian citizens, while for foreign visitors is ‚¹200 (US$2.50).

What happened to Tipu Sultan’s palace?

After Tipu Sultan’s death in the Fourth Anglo-Mysore War, the British Administration used the palace for its Secretariat before moving to Attara Kacheri in 1868. Today The Archaeology Survey of India maintains the palace, which is located at the centre of Old Bangalore near Kalasipalyam bus stand, as a tourist spot.

How many palaces did Tipu Sultan have?

We may classify among his residences 4 major palaces and 3 minor ones.

Where is Tipu Sultan sword now?

Tipu Sultan’s legendary sword is now part of the valuable collections in a museum in England.

Was Tipu Sultan a good ruler?

Tipu managed to subdue all the petty kingdoms in the south. He was also one of the few Indian rulers to have defeated British armies. Tipu Sultan’s father had expanded on Mysore’s use of rocketry, making critical innovations in the rockets themselves and the military logistics of their use.

Did Tipu Sultan have children?

Ghulam Muhammad Sultan Sa.

Muhammad Nizam‘ud. Khan Sultan

Shezada Hyder Ali

Abdul Khaliq Khan Sultan

Mi’raj‘ud‘d. Ali Khan Sultan

Muhammad Shukrullah Khan Sultan

Muhi‘ud‘din Ali Khan Sultan

Sarwar‘ud. Khan Sultan
Tipu Sultan/Children

Where is Tipu Sultan toy kept now?

Tipu Sultan’s mechanical tiger has long been one of the most well-known items in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. A large automaton (a machine that can move by itself), the tiger is shown in the act of attacking a European man.

Where is Tipu Sultan buried?

5 May 1799
Tipu Sultan / Date of burial


Timings and Entry fee of Tipu Sultan Summer Palace

200/- per person. Photography is allowed at the palace without any extra charges.


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