The last King of Kochi was Parikshith Thampuran who ruled only for a year before the merger of Cochin and Travancore in 1949. Apart from these rulers, there was many a king whose reign was of no particular historical significance.

Which district Tripunithura?

Ernakulam District
Tripunithura is a suburb of the Kochi Metropolitan area in the Ernakulam District of State Kerala.

Is Tripunithura a good place to live?

Nice Locality. It is well connected to all major locations. Good roads surrounded by many shops. Nice Locality.

What is the nickname of Ernakulam?

Ernakulam is the name of the district in which Kochi ,the sea port in kerala state is located. This place is known and called as Kochi or Ernakulam commonly. Kochi originated from kochazhi which, in Malayalam, denotes small estuary.

How did Ernakulam name come?

KomattilAchutha Menon attributes the origin of the word from a type of mud called ‘Erangiyal’. Lord Siva was addressed in Chennai as ‘Erayanar’in the past. In Kerala too, this was followed and it later came to be known as ‘Ernakulam’.

Is Metro available in Tripunithura?

This is a list of stations of the Kochi Metro. There are 25 stations planned on the line from Aluva to Tripunithura railway station 24 of them are currently in operation as of September 1, 2022.

What is tripunithura known for?

Tripunithura is also well known for its historical cultures and worldwide famous because of Sree Poornathrayeesa Temple and the annual festival Vrishchikoltsawam that takes place at the temple. In local administration, it is a municipality named Tripunithura Municipality.

Which is the most posh area in Kochi?

Aluva – Prime Location & Best Residential Areas in Kochi

Aluva is a prime and among the best areas to stay in Kochi, situated on the banks of the Periyar River. The locality is a part of the Kochi metropolitan region and is about 15 Km from the city centre.

Which district is safest in Kerala?

If you are looking for a safe haven surrounded by friendly people and a convenient lifestyle, then Malappuram is your best choice.

Which city is rich in Kerala?

List of districts and cities in Kerala by GDP per capita
Rank City District
1 (Kochi ) Ernakulam
2 Kannur (Cannannore) Kannur
3 Kollam (Quilon) Kollam
4 Thrissur (Trichur) Thrissur
1 more row


Travancore was known for its relatively high literacy rate and its progressive government. After Indian independence, Travancore and Cochin (now Kochi) merged to form the state of Travancore-Cochin; boundaries were redrawn, and it was renamed Kerala in 1956.


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