Trivandrum Airport To Padmanabhaswamy Temple Distance


The temple’s treasures came to light in 2011 after a Supreme Court-appointed committee examined the temple chambers. The treasures which included stones, ornaments, antiques and vessels were considered to be worth Rs 1 lakh crore.

How far is Padmanabha from airport?

The distance between Trivandrum Airport (TRV) and Padmanabhaswamy Temple is 2 km.

Which airport is near to Padmanabhaswamy Temple?

Trivandrum (TRV)
The nearest airport to Padmanabhaswamy Temple is Trivandrum (TRV) Airport which is 2.4 km away. Other nearby airports include Kochi (COK) (195.6 km).

Is there any dress code for Padmanabhaswamy Temple?

The dress code for men is Dhoti with or without Angavastra. The dress codes for women are Sarees, Dhoties or Pavadas with blouse or other coverings as appropriate to their age. Salvar sets and other modern dresses are not allowed. Young girls below 12 years may wear gowns.

Is online booking mandatory for Padmanabhaswamy Temple?

no need to buy online darshan tickets ,it is available at the mandir entrance Rs 250 for couple for close and quick darshan. over a year ago. You can buy, but at gate of Temple you can get tickets for priority darshan.

How far is Kovalam from airport?

around 15 km away
Trivandrum Airport, located around 15 km away from the beach town of Kovalam, serves as the nearest airport. It is connected to all other major airports of India and abroad via a good number of domestic and international flights.

Which airport is best for Kerala?

Cochin International Airport (COK)

Cochin International Airport is the best airport to fly into Kerala. It is the first airport in India to be developed under a private-public partnership.

Who are not allowed in Padmanabhaswamy Temple?

As per temple customs, non-Hindus are not allowed to enter the temple. Following this, the temple was closed for purification ritual called ‘Sudhikriya’. Alppasi Utsavam festival is being held in the temple.

Why Trivandrum airport is closed for Padmanabhaswamy Temple?

As per the centuries-old rituals, the deities from Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple are taken to the sea for a holy bath. As the route passes through the runway, the airport remains closed for that period as it has been the traditional route for the procession.

How can I enter Padmanabhaswamy Temple?

The main requirement for visiting this temple is that males have to wear only dhoti and females can wear long skirts, saree or dhoti on regular clothes (choodidars). These are available on purchase or rent outside the temple. Diety is reclining and can be seen from the three doors.


about 2-3 hours
Time required to explore Padmanabhaswamy Temple

You’ll need about 2-3 hours to get the darshan of the main deity and visit other shrines within the temple premises.


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