Udupi Krishna


Gokul. As per the legends, Lord Krishna was born in a prison of Mathura and was taken to Gokul by his father Vasudeva. At this place, Lord Krishna spent his childhood and killed many demons sent by his maternal uncle Kansa.

Why is Udupi famous for Krishna?

Udupi is considered as the final resting place of Lord Krishna. Sri Krishna Temple and matha was set up in the 13th century by Madhvacharya. Legend has it that once Kanakadasa, a worshipper of Lord Krishna was denied entrance into the temple. Determined to see god, Kanakadasa kept praying hard from the outside itself.

Did Lord Krishna come to Udupi?

Sri Krishna had just arrived in Udupi from Dwarka by way of an ancient statue. Thus started the Udupi Krishna temple story. When it comes to Udupi tourist places, most will unanimously put the Udupi Sri Krishna temple on top of the list.

Who brought Krishna to Udupi?

Madhvacharya himself
Only when Madhvacharya himself embraced and lifted the Deity as if He were a child did the Deity consent to be moved. In great transcendental ecstasy Madhva carried the Lord the four miles back to Udupi.

What is in the hand of Udupi Krishna?

Krishna is one of the most compelling gods in Hinduism, but here in Udupi, he stands as Bala-krishna, young and innocent, holding churned butter in one hand.

What is the story from Udupi?

Lord Shiva was pleased with the moon’s prayer and restored its shine. Legend says that the moon and his wives made their prayer at the Chandramouleeshwara temple at Udupi, creating a linga that can be seen even today. According to this story, therefore, Udupi means the land of the lord of the stars, the moon.

Who is Udupi in Mahabharata?

Ulupi (Ul«p«), also known as Uluchi and Ulupika, is a character the Hindu epic Mahabharata. She is a Naga princess, the daughter of the king Kauravya, and is among the four wives of Arjuna. She also finds a mention in the Vishnu Purana and the Bhagavata Purana.

Is jail where Krishna was born still there?

Amritsar, India

Jail is kept as it is where lord Krishna was born.

What is Udupi Krishna called?

Each Ashta Matha has its own deity which is called Pattada Devaru. The Krishna Matha is known throughout the world for its religious customs, traditions and tenets of Dvaita or Tatvavada philosophy. It is also the center of Daasa Saahitya, a form of literature that originated in Udupi.

Where is Krishna buried?

He breathed his last near the confluence of the Triveni Sangam (confluence of the rivers Hiranya, Kapila and Saraswati) and left for Nija Dham (heavenly abode). Krishna’s cremation is believed to have taken place here, which is now known as Dehotsarg.


Udupi is popular for its food, temples, beaches and educational as well as financial institutions. The name Udupi is believed to have come from the Sanskrit words Udu & Pa that means stars and Lord. According to legend, the Moon’s light was once reduced due to a curse by King Daksha.


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