Learn how to make Urak with us-

Take two-three tablespoons of cashew feni. Fill up half your glass with whiskey and add some lemon juice or soda. Add a pinch of salt and some ice cubes. Urak drink is ready!

Is urrak alcoholic?

Urrak may contain sediments of the cashew apple, and has very low shelf life compared to the feni, and must be consumed as fresh as possible after the extraction. Thus, in the first single distillation process, Urrak is obtained, and it contains 10-15% of alcohol approximately.

What is the meaning of urrak?

“Urrak is a drink prepared using cashew apples, the juice is fermented and distilled to get urrak. The second distil will give us cashew feni.

Is URAK good for health?

A pretty great idea and does give pretty much the same flavor and passionate response. The local legend has it that drinking urak during the summer months will keep your nasty colds and fevers away for the rest of the year.

How do you drink urrak?

Goans and evangelists will tell you there’s one way of drinking urrak: mixing it with Limca (or Taan), adding salt, a squeeze of lime, and a slit green chilli.

Is URAK a feni?

Urak is the first distillation of Feni and contains ~15% alcohol. However Urak, unlike feni, is meant to be drunk with Limca or lemonade.

Where to find urrak in Goa?

The best urrak is often sourced from Goa’s hinterlands, especially areas like Valpoi, Pernem regions, which abound in organic cashew cultivation and where distillation methods and practices are still traditional.

How long does urak last?

Urak is distilled only from March to May, the cashew fruit-bearing season. It also has a short shelf life of four to five months. It has a fruity and mildly pungent aroma and flavor; it’s certainly an acquired taste.

What is urak drink in Goa?

Urrak is the first distillation from cashew apple juice that is fermented into alcohol. This is sold only in April and May and for most Goan youth, guzzling it down marks a rite of passage into adulthood.

Is there alcohol in feni?

The Feni is obtained by distilling arrack, mixed with fermented juice in ratio of 1:2 which is a powerful form of cashew liquor. A mixture of 30 litres of arrack and 60 litres of juice produces 15 litres of Feni which contains 75% of alcohol.


Feni is alcoholic beverage locally prepared from cashew apples whose strength is 45% above, exclusively in Goa. In the traditional method of making cashew feni, only tree ripened cashew apples that have fallen are picked and taken for the crush. The cashew apples are de-seeded and then dropped into the stomping area.


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