Valley Of Flowers National Park Photos


Investing in good quality trekking boots which are lightweight with a substantial grip, and is also apt for different trek trails is really important. Apart from that, carrying sandal floaters and slippers to wear at the campsite for a more relaxed movement are Things to Carry for Valley of Flowers Trek.

What is the best time to visit Valley of Flowers?

The valley is accessible only between the months of June and October and the best time to visit the Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand is between July and mid-August when it is in full bloom.

Why is Valley of Flowers closed?

Every year Valley of Flower opens on 1 June and closes till 1-8 October. Because of the high snowfall region, the valley opens for a very short span of time and rest of the time covered with snow. In 2022, the Valley of Flowers National park is open for visitors on 1 June and will close on 31-October.

How many days are enough for Valley of Flowers?

Generally most of the people doing Valley of Flowers trip have only one day for the valley. The total trip of Valley of Flowers takes a minimum of 6 days from Haridwar and for the people coming from far areas of the globe the trip becomes

Is Valley of Flowers trek worth visiting?

Valley of Flowers is known for its immaculate natural beauty and a drive from here to places like Haridwar and Joshimath takes people through the mountains creating wonderful experiences. It means one has to come across numerous ghat sections.

How much do you have to walk for Valley of Flowers?

Distance- 4 km, each way. Trek Time- 7 hours. The Valley is 6-7 km long, ends with a glacier. Mixed incline till the valley followed by level walk on grassland.

Can senior citizens go to Valley of Flowers?

The answer is yes. But there are some important things to be taken care of and I will discuss it in following paragraph. Official notice by Uttrakhand Government to Senior citizens, Hiper tention, Cardiac Diseases, Diabetic and Asthmatic patients.

Is Valley of Flowers crowded?

The valley becomes a lot more crowded, especially because pilgrims come in large numbers to visit the gurdwara at Hemkund Sahib in September. This is more pronounced over the weekends.

How much does Valley of Flowers cost?

Qualified trekking tour guide (s), any other support staff, trekking permit/Valley of Flowers National Park entrance fees all are included. TREK FEE is ‚¹ 9800 + 5% GST per person, Govindghat to Govindghat even if you are a solo traveller.

Is Valley of Flowers risky?

The difficulty level of the Valley of Flowers Trek is moderate, which requires you to be in good shape. We even recommend this trek to first-timers, but only those who are fit and adequately prepared.


You can do the Valley of Flowers hike on your own as the trail is well-laid throughout the trek. Before you check out the detailed itinerary in this valley of flowers trek guide, let me share a brief route of the trek. Rishikesh > Joshimath > Govind Ghat > Ghangaria > Valley of flowers.


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