Valparai Tamil Nadu India


The coolest place in Tamilnadu is Ooty, which is also the number 1 hill station in Tamil Nadu, and quite favorite among travellers from Tamil Nadu & Karnataka.
Ooty. Every tourist wants to see the wondrous magic of mountains and valleys in Ooty.
Yelagiri Hills.
Kolli Hills.

Why is Valparai famous?

Chinna Kallar is one of the places in Valparai which receives the highest rainfall areas in India. There are around 40 steep, hairpin bends to reach Valparai from the plains of Pollachi. The region is also a rich elephant tract and is known to have many leopards. The Valparai range is also the habitat of Nilgiri Tahr.

Why Valparai is called 7th Heaven?

Valparai is Called 7th Heaven, This pollution free heavenly land is located above 3,500 feet from the sea level on the Anamalai mountain range. Valparai does not mean only a single town; it stands majestically with Green Spread Mountains and forest all around. Facility with kind hospitality for you is assured here.

Is Valparai near Ooty?

Distance Between Ooty to Valparai Is 197 Kms , Duration, Driving Directions & Route Map.

Is Valparai worth visiting?

Valparai is worth visiting if you love to visit a hill station that is full of tea gardens, waterfalls and dams. If road trips are your thing, Valparai is an amazing destination in South India as you’ll be travelling through roads surrounded by tea gardens, thick forests and tall mountains.

Which hill is called as poor man’s Ooty?

Yercaud a beautiful hill station in Salem District in Tamil Nadu presents a welcome contrast with its cool climate. It is a less expensive place and is also referred as “the Poor Man’s Ooty”. As a popular tourist destination, Yercaud is also called as Jewel of the South.

Which is best Munnar or Valparai?

You can choose Munnar over Valparai as Munnar has more accommodation than Valparai and for your desired itinerary, you can reduce travel cost if you stay in Munnar. If you are in Munnar you can go to Iravikulam NP. Parambikulam and Munnar has no road connections.

Which is the king of hills in Tamil Nadu?

Nickname: Princess of Hill Stations
Kodaikanal Location in Tamil Nadu, India
Coordinates:10.23°N 77.48°E
Country India
25 more rows

Which is the heaven City in India?

If you ever desire to visit heaven being live, visit our own heaven KASHMIR, It is undoubtedly one of the best place to be in world. Snow clad maountains, Chinar Trees, Dal and Nagin Lake.

Are there tigers in Valparai?

Valparai and Anaimalai Tiger Reserve has a considerable number of Tigers. These tigers are found in Thick forests off Monomboly, Puthuthottam etc.


There is no direct connection from Coimbatore to Valparai. However, you can take the train to Pollachi Jn then take the taxi to Valparai. Alternatively, you can take the taxi to Valparai.


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