Varkala Cliff


Kappad Beach

Kerala is home to one of the cleanest beaches in the world- Kappad beach. This is a Blue Flag certified beach that has great historic significance. Locally known as Kappakadavu its nestled near Kozhikode.

Why Varkala cliff is famous?

Varkala beach is the only place in southern Kerala where cliffs are found adjacent to the Arabian Sea. These cliffs are of tertiary sedimentary formation, and named by geologists as Varkala Formation. They are a geological monument as recorded by the Geological Survey of India.

How long is Varkala cliff?

The cliff which is stretched for 2-3 kms between Varkala/Papanasam beach being in middle between south cliff and north cliff. South cliff is more quiet where you’ll find a handful of cafes/restaurants (no walk way like north though ) and hotels having private access to beach.

Which is better Goa or Varkala?

Broadly speaking, Goa is relatively cheaper than Kerala. Which is better for honeymoon Goa or Kerala? Varkala is called The Goa of Kerala and is one of the best places with the best beaches in Kerala.

Can we see sunrise in Varkala cliff?

Varkala Beach & Cliff

The view of sunrise and sunset from the Varkala beach is an exotic treat to watch. The beach is popularly known as Papanasam beach since it was used by Hindus to scatter cremated ashes of their relatives has now emerged as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kerala.

Is 2 days enough for Varkala?

2-3 days are sufficient to visit Varkala and explore the best of this beautiful beach town.

Which is better Munnar or Varkala?

But to choose the best for my long weekend, I chose Munnar. Yes, this trip consist of the best parts of Kerala in 3 Days. Dense green carpet of tea gardens and jungles of Munnar & white sand of Varkala and its cliffs beside Arabian Sea is be best summary in words I could describe.

Which is the highest cliff in India?

Elevation 2,157 m (7,077 ft)
Listing List of Indian states and territories by highest point
Coordinates 2237²53.4³N 9302²19.68³E
6 more rows

How much is paragliding in Varkala?

around 3500 rs per person
The cost of Paragliding in Varkala will be around 3500 rs per person. It varies with the duration and the type of paragliding you choose, that is solo or tandem.

Is Kovalam or Varkala better?

Kovalam has much more options to stay in than Varkala both for luxury resorts and for budget hotels. Kovalam is famous for luxury resorts like Leela Kovalam Beach resort and Turtle on the beach resort Kovalam. Varkala also has a variety of options but none as famous as the luxury resorts in Kovalam.


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Radhanagar is frequently named one of Asia’s best beaches. Located on Havelock Island — in the remote Andaman and Nicobar Islands between India and Thailand — Radhanagar (known locally as Beach No.


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