Vasai Fort


Vasai Assembly constituency
Constituency Details
Current MLA Hitendra Thakur
Party Bahujan Vikas Aghadi
Elected year 2019
6 more rows

Why Vasai Fort is famous?

Vasai was the main naval base and sort of ship-building centre of the Portuguese. it was here in 1802 AD, the Peshwa Bajirav signed the infamous ‘Treaty of Bassein’ which virtually dissolved the Maratha Confederacy. Finally, the fort and the city of Vasai were ceded to the British in 1817 AD.

Who destroyed Vasai Fort?

Chimaji Appa began the siege on 1 May 1739 by laying 10 mines next to the walls near the tower of Remedios. Maratha soldiers charged into the breach caused by exploding four of them. Almost immediately, they came under fire from Portuguese guns and muskets.

Who was the king of Vasai Fort?

Vasai was later ruled by the Silhara dynasty of Konkan and eventually passed to the Seuna dynasty. It was head of district under the Seuna (1184-1318).

Who won the Vasai Fort?

Originally built by the Portuguese in 1536, the

What is Vasai special?

It is famous for the Vasai Fort, which was built by the Portuguese with an intention to keep a watch over the region of Vasai, Thane earlier known as Saashti. The fort witnessed the victory of the Marathas under the leadership of Chimaji Appa from 1737 to 1739, against the Portuguese.

What happened during the battle of Vasai?

The Battle of Vasai was fought between the Marathas and the Portuguese rulers of Vasai, a village lying near Mumbai (Bombay) in the present-day state of Maharashtra, India. The Marathas were led by Chimaji Appa, a brother of Peshwa Baji Rao I. Maratha victory in this war was a major achievement of Baji Rao I’s reign.

What was Vasai called before?

Vasai (Konkani and Marathi pronunciation: [ʋəsəi], formerly and alternatively Mahratti; Bajipur, English: Bassein; Portuguese: Ba§aim), is a historical place and City near Mumbai (Bombay)’s western suburbs, located in Palghar district which was partitioned from the Thane district in 2014.

How old is Vasai?

Bassein (Vasai) town was part of the territory of the Hindu Devagiri Yadavas until 1317, and it later became a seaport for the Gujarat Muslim kings. In 1526 the Portuguese established a fort (now in ruins) and trading station at Bassein, and the town became famous for its shipbuilding industry.

Why forts in Maharashtra are destroyed?

The British primary fear in 1818 was that these forts could be used again by a resurgent Maratha force, as a staging ground, against them. Later this fear came back during 1857. This led to further destruction of majority of the forts in Maharashtra.


Virar is famous for Jivdani Temple (Virar East) and Arnala Fort and Arnala Beach in the west in the northern coastal area of konkan region. As per provisional reports if Census of India, population of Virar in 2011 is 1,222,390; of which male and female are 648,172 and 574,218 respectively.


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