Veerabhadra Swamy


“Lord Vishnu is defeated by a devotee through devotional service; otherwise, no one can defeat Lord Vishnu.”

Who is God Veerabhadra Swamy?

The Eldest son of Lord Shiva is Shri Shri Shri Veerabhadra swamy. His brothers are kala Bhairavar, Ganapathy, Karthikeyan and Swami Iyappan. The ultimate destroyer of ego.

Who is Veerabhadra Swamy son?

Ma Mahadevi is the pious and chaste consort of Lord Veerabhadra, the Divine attendant of Lord Muruga, and their son is Lord Veerakumarar.

Is Veerbhadra and Kaal Bhairav same?

Kaal Bhairav is seen variously as a manifestation of Lord Shiva himself who manages the cycles of Time and destruction of things as per the cycles the same as Veerabhadra, one of the lieutenants of Shiva that killed Daksha, a protector of Banaras and a guardian to the temples of Lord Shiva.

What is Veerabhadra popular for?

Veerabhadra Temple is situated in Lepakshi, in the Anantpur District of Andhra Pradesh. The presiding deity worshipped here is Lord VeerabhadraSwamy, the fiery god created by Lord Shiva. It is famous for its sculptures and archaeological magnificenceshaped by the artists of Vijayanagara Empire.

Is Veerabhadra son of Shiva?

Virabhadra is born when Shiva, due to his anguish regarding the death of Sati, perspires, and his perspiration falls upon the earth. This gives birth to the fierce Virabhadra, who destroys the sacrifice.

Did Hanuman and Veerabhadra fight?

Story you may not know : When Hanuman destroyed his trident of Veerbhadra, he became very angry and attacked on Hanuman with some special powers and Hanuman got puzzled. Very soon Hanuman rose and started attacking on Lord Veerbhadra with giant trees and very heavy rocks and puzzled him.

Who is wife of Veerabhadra Swamy?

His consort is Bhadrakali. There are many legends about Veerabhadra. According to one story, the goddess also known as Sati was born as Dakshayani to Daksha, son of Lord Brahma. A great devotee of Shiva, Sati, was keen to marry Shiva.

How powerful is Veerbhadra?

Created out of the wrath of Lord Shiva, he is deemed to be more powerful and mightier than the rest of the Gods.

Who is Parvati’s first child?

Parents Himavan (father) Mainvati (mother)
Siblings Ganga (elder sister) (Ramayana) Vishnu (ceremonial brother) Mainaka (elder brother)
Consort Shiva
Children Ganesha (son), Kartikeya (son), Ashok Sundari (daughter)
13 more rows


After killing the asura, her wrath metamorphosed as a child. Kali fed the child with her milk. Shiva made both Kali and the child to merge with him. From this merged form of Shiva, Bhairava appeared in his eight forms (A­…ga Bhairavas).


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