Vellore Near Tourist Places


CMC is particularly well known for certain departments such as Neurosciences, Gasteroenterology and Haematology (where it is a national leader in the treatment of rare blood disorders and bone marrow transplantation).

What are the top attractions to visit in Vellore?

Historic Vellore Fort, Government Museum, Science Park, Vainu Bappu Observatory, Amirthi Zoological Park, Religious Places like Jalakandeswarar Temple, Srilakshmi Golden Temple, Big Mosque & St. John’s Church and Yelagiri Hill station are the among top tourist attractions in and around Vellore.

What are the most popular things to do in Vellore with children?

Top Attractions in Vellore
Jalakandeswarar Temple. 205. .
Sripuram Golden Temple. 750. .
Vallimalai Subramanyar Temple. Religious Sites. .
Arulmigu Balamurugan Ratnagiri Tirukkovil. Points of Interest & Landmarks. .
Vellore Fort. 267. .
Virinjipuram Temple. Religious Sites. .
Nemili Sri Bala Peetam. .
Sri Lakshmi Narsimha Swamy Temple.

Which is famous in Vellore?

Be it the geographical location on the banks of the river, the rich historical sites or the religious tourist spots, Vellore is a popular tourist spot in Tamil Nadu. Be it the divine beauty of Sri Lakshmi Narayani Golden Temple or the historical allure of the Vellore fort, the city continues to enchant visitors.

How do I spend a day in Vellore?

Vellore is known as the leather hub of India. Hundreds of leather and tannery facilities are around Vellore and nearby towns, such as Ranipet, Ambur and Vaniyambadi. The Vellore district is the top exporter of finished leather goods in the country.

Is Vellore worth visiting?

This historical city is popular for its biryani with mutton biryani being a popular dish. Traditionally served on a coconut tree leaf, there is no denying that this is a universal favourite.

Why is Vellore popular?

Winter in Vellore generally starts in November and lasts till February. The temperature ranges between 22 and 32 degrees Celsius. The region is not very cold and hence it is considered as the best time to visit Vellore. Summer in the region starts from March and lasts till June.

Which food is famous in Vellore?

How many days are required to visit Vellore? A. At least one or two days are required to visit the all-important attractions in Vellore.

What is the best time to visit Vellore?

The distance between Vellore and Marina Beach is 126 km. The road distance is 139.2 km. How do I travel from Vellore to Marina Beach without a car? The best way to get from Vellore to Marina Beach without a car is to bus via Chennai Madhavaram which takes 3h 12m and costs ‚¹550 – ‚¹850.

How many days are enough in Vellore?

The cheapest way to reach from Puducherry to Vellore is cab to Villupuram, then bus to Chennai, then bus to Vellore and takes 8h 52m. The fastest way to reach from Puducherry to Vellore is cab to Vellore and takes 3h 22m. The recommended way to reach from Puducherry to Vellore is cab to Vellore and takes 3h 22m.


The Distance between Chennai to Vellore by road is 138KM. The aerial distance from Chennai to Vellore is 125KM.


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