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Our little kingdom, spread over 44 verdant acres is home to 45+ carefully curated rides, attractions and exhibits, including favourites such as our very own Statue Man, Tamil Nadu’s first snow park, a massive water complex and more.

Why is VGP Golden Beach famous?

Considered as one of the cleanest and beautiful beaches in Chennai, VGP Golden beach is one of the most sought-after destinations in the area by family and friends. This beach is a part of the VGP Universal Kingdom, which is a famous amusement park and lies on the East Coast Road.

What is special in Golden Beach?

Puri Beach is famous for its fine sands, roar of the breakers rolling in from the Bay of Bengal and countless devotees flocking the place for a purification dip. The beach has continued to be a sacred venue for an endless number of pilgrims coming to pay homage to Lord Jagannath.

What is the entry fee for VGP Golden Beach Chennai?

845 for children and Rs. 945 for adults. Photography is allowed and the cost for a still camera and a handy cam is Rs. 50.

What is the full form of VGP Golden Beach?

Our late founder, Mr. V G Panneerdas visualised a new concept of leisure in India and brought his vision to fruition, thereby pioneering a whole new experience. It was named ‘VGP Golden Beach’, and very quickly became the most popular name in Southern India.

How much time we can spend in VGP marine kingdom?

between 1 to 3 hours
Operating hours: VGP Marine Kingdom is open through-out the year from AM till 8PM. The entire experience can last anywhere between 1 to 3 hours depending on interest. Parking: We have ample car parking adjacent to the aquarium.

How much time we can spend in VGP snow kingdom?

VGP Snow kingdom,. its fun. but you cannot be in for more than 20 will be freezed. nice big place with snow shower, lot of things to do inside like sliding from top, for kids small slider, dancing place, climbing the wall. nice experience they sell hot tea and corn inside. they have maintained well.

Is Gold Beach worth visiting?

Gold Beach is a perfect coastal destination if you are looking for long beaches that are not crowded. There are beautiful headlands and sea stacks along the ocean as well as lots of opportunities for tide-pooling, crabbing, and clamming. There is great hiking in the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest.

Does Golden Beach have waves?

Golden Beach has many pathways from the main road to it. Families will love it as the waters are calm – there is no surf due to it being on the Pumicestone Passage.

Is Golden Beach good for swimming?

Hugging the shores of the Pumicestone Passage, Golden beach is perfect for boating, fishing and swimming in calmer waters than Caloundra’s nearby surf beaches.


Wave Swinger

Mermaid Ship

Balloon Racer

Crazy Plane

Super Trooper

Jumping Frog


Ferris Wheel
VGP Universal Kingdom/Rides


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