Vietnamese Temple


It’s estimated that more than 60 per cent of Vietnamese people practice some form of Buddhism, and both of its two main schoolsMahayana and Theravadaare represented. Mahayana, or œGreat Vehicle, predominates due to the powerful historical influence of the Chinese.

What is a Vietnamese temple called?

It is also known for being a spiritual centre for Buddhism, which is its main religion. It is home to thousands of temples and places of worship, some of which date back hundreds of years. Many of the temples in Vietnam are called “pagodas”.

What is the famous temple in Vietnam?

Huong Pagoda is not only famous in Vietnam, but also known as one of the best temples in Southern Asia. Huong Pagoda – Hanoi is a tourist attraction attracting tourists from everywhere.

Does Vietnam have a temple?

Vietnam’s 9 most beautiful and intriguing temples. Thanks to its location and its history, Vietnam is dotted with magnificent temples dedicated to Buddhism, Taoism, Cao Daism – and even a religion where worshippers believe God is revealed through whales.

Does Vietnam have Hindu temples?

There are three Indian Hindu temples in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) – Sri Thendayuthapani temple, Đ»n Subramaniam Swamy temple and Mariamman Temple.

What are the 3 types of temples?

What are the major styles of Indian temple architecture? The two major styles of temple architecture in the country are known as Nagara in the north and Dravidian in the south. The third style, Vesara Style, is fusion of Nagara and Dravidian style of architecture.

What God does Vietnamese worship?

Every village worships its Thanh hoang, the God of the village, who protects and guides the whole village (the Vietnamese always honour the people who rendered distinguished services for villagers or national heroes who were born or died in the village to be their Thanh hoang).

What is the oldest temple on earth?

Gbekli Tepe
In 2008, however, the German archaeologist Klaus Schmidt determined that Gbekli Tepe is, in fact, the oldest known temple in the world. The site was purposefully buried around 8,000 B.C. for unknown reasons, although this allowed the structures to be preserved for future discovery and study.

Which is the most powerful temple in the world?

Current largest temples
Rank Name of the temple Place
1 Pashupatinath Temple Kathmandu
2 Angkor Wat Angkor
3 Sri Ranganathasvamy Temple Tiruchirapalli
4 Chhatarpur Temple New Delhi
27 more rows

What are the two famous temples?

15 Famous Temples in India Everyone Should Visit
Golden Temple, Amritsar. .
Tirupathi Balaji, Tirumala. .
Maa Vaishno Devi Temple, Katra. .
Jagannath Temple, Puri. .
Meenakshi Temple, Madurai. .
Ramnathswamy Temple, Rameshwaram. .
Virupaksha Temple, Hampi. .
Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Varanasi.


Gbekli Tepe is famous for being the oldest temple in the world. According to historians and archaeologists, this temple was erected in southern Turkey 11,600 years ago.


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