Vijayawada Durgamma


RED This colour symbolises love and is Goddess Durga’s favourite colour.

What are the 9 avatars of Durga in Vijayawada?

Kanaka Durga Devi Navratri Dasara Avatar All 9 Days Names
Kanaka Durga Devi Navratri Dasara All Day Names:
Aswayuja Suddha Padyami:
Ashwayuja Shuddha Vidiya:
Aswayuja Suddha Tadiya:
Aswayuja Suddha Chaviti (Chaturthi):
Aswayuja Suddha Sashti:
Ashwayuja Shuddha Saptami:
Aswayuja Suddha Saptami:

Which day to visit Kanaka Durga Temple?

Kanaka Durga Temple Darshan Timings

The temple is open from AM to PM on all days except on Thursdays when it is closed from PM to PM. However, there are separate timings for idol visits and other personalised pujas.

Why is Kanaka Durga Temple famous?

It is mentioned in the Hindu scriptures that the deity in the Kanakadurga temple is regarded as ‘Swayambhu’ or self-manifested, hence considered very powerful. Kanaka Durga worshipped in the temple is Mahalakshmi form of Lakshmi Durga. All the poojas related to Lakshmi devi are performed in the temple.

Who built Vijayawada Kanaka Durga Temple?

Thribhuvana Malla, Western Chalukya King of the 10th century A.D, historically constructed the temple.

What are the 10 Durga names?

Main forms
Shailaputri. “Daughter of Mountain”
Brahmacharini. “Mother of devotion and penance”
Chandraghanta. “Destroyer of demons”
Kushmanda. “Goddess of The Cosmic Egg”
Skandamata. “Goddess of motherhood and children”
Katyayani. “Goddess of Power”
Kalaratri. “Goddess of Auspiciousness and Courage”

Who is Durga’s wife?

Durga is occasionally worshiped as celibate goddess, but the Shaktism traditions includes the worship of Shiva along with Durga, who consider her as his consort, in addition to Lakshmi, Saraswati, Ganesha and Kartikeya, who are considered to be Durga’s children by Shaktas.

How many steps are there in Kanaka Durga Temple Vijayawada?

400 steps
There are 400 steps leading to the main temple. Ans. The temple attracts lakhs of devotees during the Navratri (Dasara) festival, which is a celebration of the goddess in her myriad forms. Pilgrims consider it auspicious to pray at this temple shrine and take a holy dip in the Krishna river.

How much time it will take for darshan in Vijayawada?

Keep 2-3 hours for the temple so that the Darshan is completed well.

When to visit Vijayawada Kanaka Durga Temple?

The temple is otherwise open on all days of the week between 0 am and 0 pm and then again from 0 pm to 1 pm.


The Durga temple has an apsidal plan for its sanctum, one that fuses with a square plan for the mandapa. It is the largest of a group of over 120 temples at Aihole and illustrates a mature example of the Badami Chalukya architecture.


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