Vishram Ghat


On 30 August, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had announced a complete ban on the sale of liquor and meat in Mathura. He said the officers concerned were directed to make plans for the ban as well as for the engagement of people involved in such activities in some other trade.

Why is Vishram Ghat famous?

The Vishram Ghat is lined with elegant temples and some of the most important shrines of Mathura that includes – the Mukut Temple, Radha-Damodar, Murli Manohar, Neelkantheshwar, Yamuna-Krishna, Langali Hanuman and Narasimha temples.

Which ghat is famous in Vrindavan?

Keshi Ghat
Keshi Ghat got its name from the mythical tale that tells that at this Ghat lord Krishna had killed a dangerous demon Keshi sent by Kamsa to destroy Krishna. This place is believed to be the place where Lord Krishna took a bath after killing the demon Kashi.

How many ghats are there in Mathura?

twenty five ghats
Among the twenty five ghats in Mathura, Vishram ghat is the main ghat. Legend says that it was here that the lord Krishna took rest after killing Kamsa.

Where can I take a bath in Mathura?

Vishram Ghat is located about a 4 km distance from Mathura junction. It is a sacred bathing spot situated at the bank of the river Yamuna which is deemed one of the holiest in the Hindu religion.

Can we bath at Vishram Ghat?

Ghats, Mathura Overview

It is the main ghat of Mathura and is central to 25 other ghats. Pilgrims from all over the country visit Vishram Ghat to bathe in its holy waters and perform the traditional parikrama that starts and ends here.

Which is the best ghat in Varanasi?

Dashashwamedh Ghat is located close to the Vishwanath Temple and is the most popular ghat. According to legend, Brahma performed ten Ashwamedha sacrifices here. Every evening an aarti is performed at this ghat in dedication to Shiva, the goddess Ganga, Surya, Agni, as well as the whole universe.

Can girls visit Manikarnika Ghat?

Then through ceremony, the bodies are burned on piles of wood for several hours and then their ashes are scattered upon the Ganges. There are no Indian women allowed here. only men. And tourists.but you must be respectful and no pictures are permitted.

Why it is not allowed to enter in Nidhivan?

It is the common belief among devotees that Nidhivan still witnesses the Raslila (dance) of Radha and Krishna during night time and thus, nobody is allowed to stay inside the premises of Nidhivan at night.

What happens at night in Vrindavan?

According to folklore, Krishna visits here every night and adorn Radha with his own hands. You will see a bed inside and several ornaments and makeup products close to the bed. The temple shuts down every day at 5 PM precisely, so make sure you visit before that if you want to witness the beauty of the place.


1. Anamudi, The Pride of The State of Kerala. Anamudi, thehighest peak of the Western ghat is also the tallest peak in peninsular India and is located in the Idukki district of Kerala.


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